Data the internal staff, which brings great obstacles

Data base: Escholarship Oraganization Sage Journals

Journal details: Bias in the Workplace: Consistent Evidence of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination, June 2007,pp 2-12; Human relations,Volume 64, November 2011

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Article title: Gender discrimination in workplaces

Abstract: How widespread is gender discrimination in the working environment? We often read reports or articles about the effects of gender differences in the work environment. The issue of gender discrimination in the workplace has been a major challenge for the rapid development of business and society for a long time. Its emergence and existence restrict the development of the enterprise, making the enterprise waste a great deal of talents and resources, and also cause the instability of the internal staff, which brings great obstacles to the enterprise’s human resource management and affects the business performance of the enterprise. Will women be treated differently in the work environment? Use data sets that are unique and contain tests that discriminate between employees in terms of job performance and salary differentials. Key findings will reveal that gender discrimination in workplaces is a common occurrence. And sex discrimination in work environment will have some connection with salary difference. According to the information provided in the data set, gender discrimination in the working environment is not limited to gender differences in men and women, but bisexuality and homosexuality have also become the focus of attention. These gender biases in the work environment are also often found in some archbishop’s area. Some of the employees who have suffered gender disparity are experiencing dismissal in their work environment and can not receive promotions and pay increases. The study also shows that gender discrimination in workplaces has begun to be fought in some regions. Individuals can also start drafting documents that oppose gender discrimination in the work area. This will provide another way to reduce the expected gender discrimination.

Keyword: Gender bias, Work environment, Wage gap.

                          Definition and introduction

Sex discrimination in employment is any distinction, exclusion or preference based on gender, with the consequence of eliminating or impairing equality of opportunity or equal treatment in employment. Any distinction, exclusion or restriction on the ground of sex that has the effect or purpose of impairing or nullifying the recognition, enjoyment or exercise by women of any political, economic, social, cultural, civil or any other nature, whether married or unmarried, on the basis of equality of men and women Other aspects of human rights and fundamental freedoms. According to studies in recent years, many experts and scholars have conducted surveys to explore whether gender will face gender discrimination in work environment. Social and governmental organizations are also conducting such research. Policymakers are also starting to consider introducing a series of policies to ease the issue of gender discrimination in workplaces. In this article, we will summarize the findings on the existence of gender discrimination in the work environment.


Then whether gender discrimination in the work environment affects job performance and wage differentials. According to research, there has been a persistent gender bias for women leaders. The explanation for this phenomenon is that there is a difference between the traditional female gender role and the leadership role. The stereotyped image of women in our society includes community roles that include education, caring, and sensitivity. The role of men in society is more rational. Men are more aggressive, ambitious, confident and self-fulfilling than women. However, nonconforming behaviors or ways of dealing with things with character roles are often considered negative. This preconceived notion often causes problems for women in the work environment. This has virtually led to the fact that people often refer to managers or their leadership role in the working environment to associate this role with men. When women are more qualified in the work environment than male employees. This will have an impact on the employment of both men and women in the working environment. There is a double bind to the employment of female employees. If employers have traditional gender roles, women are not regarded as having the potential to be leaders. The management function is still dominated by men. When established, women have to use more energy in their business. Various studies have produced a list of obstacles that are either the result of stereotypes

Often dominate the society or form part of the labor market, it produces more suitable jobs conditions of men than women. High demands on time and proficiency are typical features. A manager, more restrictions on women than men. How to be perceived? There are many companies. Lag behind the establishment of equal opportunities for women and also require women to encounter problems. Take care of her family’s role. In this case, they were forced to decline such a profession, which may greatly limit them. In most cases, women must choose a typical family, either

Career options, or to adapt to the typical “male” way of working. If despite all the facts mentioned above, women eventually managed to occupy this position, and they did far fewer jobs than men provide lower level managerial positions (Gazdagová – Fischlová, 2006).