Dear Angie, Thank you for your letter! I do enjoy receiving letters from fans,especially from Hong Kong – which is so far away from my home in Scotland! Ah yes, I still remember the mixed feelings I have as a final year student.

I was looking forward to getting out of school. At the same time, I was worriedabout supporting myself. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and began workingin Amnesty International. Shortly afterwards, I worked at the Chamber ofCommerce. To be frank, I didn’t really have a career path in mind and just acceptedthe first job offer I received. Later on, I became jobless with theresponsibility of taking care of my daughter, and was even relying on welfare tomake a living.

It wasn’t until I got the idea of Harry Potter, something that Iam extremely passionate about, that motivated me to work hard as a writer. What I wouldlike to say is – yes, life is unpredictable. Little did I imagine as I graduatedthat I would go through so much ups and downs. Indeed, I have met manysuccessful people who struggled so much more than I did, and it was theirdedication that helped them persist along the way. It seems to be that you havefound an area of interest in your life. I do believe anything is possible ifyou’ve got enough nerve, as long as you cherish the important things in yourlife along the way, such as your friends and family.

Remember, you control yourown life, and your own will can be extremely powerful. So give it a try, evenif it doesn’t work out at first, don’t fret, we all have the magic inside of usto make things happen. There are many possibilities and everyone’s pace isdifferent. Just because others have succeeded doesn’t mean you won’t. Some failure inlife is inevitable. It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless youlive so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in whichcase, you fail by default.

Sometimes Iwould imagine myself as Neville Longbottom (a character in Harry Potter theseries). He was always the unfortunate one, but it is his bravery that made himone of the greatest warier in Hogwarts. The same goes to you, have a littlemore faith in yourself! With lots oflove, J.K.



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