Dentures, What You Should



 It is estimated that
one third of all  Americans end up losing
all their  teeth, subsequently requiring
full  dentures. That is a horrible statistic,
in view of the fact that people need not lose their teeth. Anyone  who has some teeth left should  consider saving them instead of getting
dentures. However, in the event  the  teeth can’t  be saved, it’s dentures to the rescue.

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When  getting
dentures,  one of the questions patients
often ask, is, can dentures be worn without any problems? The answer is yes and
no.  Upper dentures can be worn
satisfactorily and comfortably, in comparison to lower dentures that tend to
pose a problem and cause more problems than uppers.  And for anyone 
who’s ever wanted to know about dentures, but was too busy to ask
questions, you only have to look below.


Why do upper dentures
present less of a  problem than lowers?
Because uppers hold better, since they rest on a plate and  a wide ridge.  On the other hand, lowers have a very thin
ridge to adhere to and the tongue tends to displace the dentures. More
importantly,  eye teeth (canines), the
large pointed teeth on either side of  the jaw are essential to maintaining the ridge
of the mouth.


What are other
important teeth? Front teeth. When they are  removed they  give the appearance of  a collapsed looking mouth, particularly in the
nose and lips  area. Picture a toothless hound
and you get the picture. When teeth are removed, the bone structure around them
shrinks up and inward.


What should you do
before allowing your  teeth to be removed?
If teeth are painful, loose and constantly hurting and a dentist advises you to
remove any or all of them, consult another dentist, maybe two, before
consenting to the extraction.


When are teeth
considered beyond  hope?  When the bone around them has been lost to
the degree  that it cannot hold the
teeth. That means you’re afraid to eat, talk or smile. So, if that happens,
it’s time to get those  choppers out immediately.


Are there invalid reasons
for removing teeth? Yes. They are abscesses, decay, and pain. Although it
hurts like hell, these conditions can be corrected with treatment.


What can I expect
with full dentures? Plenty. An immediate denture is a prosthesis inserted
at  the same time the teeth are removed.
This is done to  avoid going without
teeth for any period of time. Usual
effects: Swelling and discomfort for a few days. Within the first  6 weeks-3 months teeth have been pulled,
shrinkage of the bone and gums in that area accelerates rapidly.


Are certain people
prone to denture problems? Of course.


with diabetes and poor health. These folks tend to have more bone
disappearance after the teeth are pulled.
with a very high palate (tapered arch), the result of  genetic inheritance or sucking your thumb
as a child. They tend to have trouble retaining upper dentures.
whose  psychological approach or
sensitivity  to the feel of dentures
is so negative they can never adjust to them properly.
with bony structures sticking out from the palate. Most people with this condition
aren’t even aware of it. But the good news is,  they can be removed surgically
before  the dentures are fitted.


The key error denture
wearers should  avoid. Thinking that
as long as the dentures are comfortable and giving you no trouble, nothing
needs to be done about them. Fact:
Bone shrinkage after teeth are lost goes on continually. People with dentures
should have them checked by a dentist at least once a year and their dentures
regularly aligned, even if the dentures don’t feel loose.


Why is getting your
dentures checked regularly so important? Because the better the denture
fits, the less the bone around it shrinks. That makes sense doesn’t it?


Exactly, how should
dentures look? As natural as possible. It is a mistake to insist on picket
fence (even alignment)  or piano key


How to purchase high
quality dentures. Look for a dentist who stresses natural and individual
looking teeth and  gives detailed
attention to the aesthetic appearance and proper handling of your dentures.


What about Prices?
A bargain basement price usually yields less carefully planned and executive
dentures. Okay, I know that everyone’s financial status varies, but when it
comes to dentures, you want to purchase a pair that looks good and feels
comfortable. The last thing you want to do is purchase dentures that fall out
when you open your mouth. Ewwwwwwww!


There you have it, everything you’ve ever  wanted to know about dentures. Now go out and
get a pair before I call your dentist and tell him about all the information
I’ve given  you. Smile, you’re on Denture







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