Depression and Anxiety are major mental health challenges affecting college students today. Interventions should be devised to prevent the onset of mental illness in at-risk groups to detect effective depression-prevention strategies. Therefore, this project aims to make the concerns of mental illness more perceptible on campus. Project Objectives The goal of this project is to raise awareness in our campus community about the risk factors of mental illness, and provide students with mental health prevention strategies to improve their quality of life. Depression in college students is a continuous phenomenon that obliges instant and effective treatment. Organizing mental health intervention programs can help minimize mental illnesses among students. This can alter mental health needs of students through maintainable inter-professional alliances by providing inclusive, innovative, and attainable mental health services.

Therefore, this project attempts to educate students about mental health services available on campus and the effects of depression.Project Rationale Mental Health is described as a person’s psychological, emotional, and social well-being. Because 1 out of 4 college students suffer from mental illness (Rettner & Writer, 2013), the issue remains prevalent and deleteriously affects college students, whose personal, academic, and interpersonal development may be demoralized. The outcomes of this systematic review exhibits the prevalence of depression in college students was evaluated to be 33% (Sarokhani et al., 2013).

This proposal takes on a distinctive and captivating approach since it diverges from a submissive form of intervention, such as a lecture. Mental health counseling has helped college students ameliorate their personally well-being and academic performance due to interpersonal interaction between students and counselors (Buchanan, 2012). However, hosting a seminar for students who fall under this stigma and incorporating counselors, advisors, psychiatrists, etc. can help students find the resources that lead to a happier and healthier college career. Also, allocating flyers tend to draw people’s’ attention and disseminate awareness; and achieving this, informs students about the problematic effects of mental illness if not taken into consideration and the services provided to them by the university in seeking help from academic, cultural and societal pressures.

Flyers will enlist our Instagram page, which will be a vital platform to promote the prevention and treatment of depression and related disorders. These implementations will ensure students suffering from mental illness are not alone, educate them about mental illness, and encourage them to seek help.  Advocating on behalf of these students can stimulate self-potential and a healthy environment. Implementation Using the money acquired from this grant, I would organize a Mental Health Awareness seminar on campus where students will gain information about depression, anxiety, and related mental disorders; provide students with mental health prevention strategies to avert further mutilation; and students will be informed about the counseling services available.

This will force students to speak up if they are going through any mental health distress. On and off campus organizations such as UMD Health Center, UMD Counseling Center, and National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) may help cosponsor the event and allow members of their organizations to participate. The UMD Counseling Center will provide students with support services to accommodate them in fulfilling their personal, social, and mental health goals, and offer individual and group therapy to help them reach their goals. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) will help assist group therapy sessions at the seminar, which will allow students to gain understanding that others are also going through similar problems and reassuring them that they are not alone. Listening to different perspectives will help students figure out effective solutions to overcome their issues as well as become more comfortable in their environments. The UMD Health Center will provide a variety of psychological services for all students on campus.

I would ensure students that the Counseling Center, NAMI, and the Health Center are their biggest support system as well as family and friends. Also, a few medical and psychological professionals will be required in assisting the seminar and answering any questions concerning mental illness or diagnoses. Students who attend the event will be offered academic compensation through four extra credit points towards graduation and students who bring a friend will be eligible to enter the raffle twice to win a $25 gift card. The event will be advertised through flyers at the health and counseling centers, and our social media account.

In order to ensure that students are actively engaging in the seminar, a short survey about the seminar will be administered at the end. The survey will consist of a Likert scale to receive feedback and critiques from students; this will help the event be evaluated in a constructive way. Food, drinks, and the gift card will be acquired using the money from this grant. In terms of the timeline, the event must first be advertised at least a month in advance through flyers distributed on campus, our social media account, and through the health and counseling centers. Also, students who are interested in attending must RSVP through the link provided on the flyer. This will help us gain a headcount of the amount of people interested in attending the event. After we get a estimated amount of students attending, food and drinks will be purchased, along with the gift card.

Finally, on the day of the event, co-sponsors will set up at the Colony Ballroom in Stamp and then students will be escorted in. At the end of the seminar, as students turn in their survey, they will be served food and drinks, and also the winner of the raffle will be announced.


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