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Descartes’ Meditations

Rene Descartes was full of positive belief about principles he based on his theories he later came to consider as false. He had false opinions about science, whereas he wanted to establish theories and other things in science that would last for a very long time and have a lasting impact on the world of science. His doubts were due to his growth in age as he stated to understand things in a clearer perspective in life. He considers that his principles to have deceived him in arriving at a different opinion.His doubts are about whether there is a difference between being awake and asleep. He wonders if a state of being awake is any different from being asleep because they are both made up of real things.

In a dream, the things are real, the people, the world and so forth, thus, the dream world is a replica of the real world. He puts forth the question if the real world is also part of a sleep that we shall all wake from, maybe after death. He is of the opinion that all the sciences that deal with the complex things in life such as astronomy, mathematics, medicine are uncertain. The things we consider true are maybe false. He is of the opinion a Supreme Being created the universe but questions if the goodness of God would not let his judgment be forsake why he seems to be in deception with his thoughts and principles. He continues to argue that the lack of a supreme being might have resulted in an imperfect being that is gullible. It might have resulted in a being with a low intellectual capacity.

These thoughts lead him into a new perspective that in order to have these thoughts, there must be a God who is giving them to him. This is such that he concludes that for him to have such questions about life then he must be a significant part of it. He ponders about what makes a man who or what he is, but concludes that a man is a ‘thing’ that thinks because it has an intellectual capacity that cannot be compared to any other animal or ‘thing’. He states that what a body is made of are not its characteristics but a view of the mind that focuses on what makes the body, a body such as the mind, spirit and soul. He concludes that the entities that exist cannot be defined merely by the senses or the imagination but can only be defined precisely by the intellect alone. This is a clear indication of how the mind is susceptible to error due to interpretation of things by the visual aspect. This is clearly true, as people tend to judge their surroundings in terms of their visual aspect.

His question about the existence of a supreme being is a clear illustration of how the human mind works. Cultures have different beliefs about God and no one in any culture has a clear explanation to where or who God is. However, based on our intellectual capacity to interpret things we all come to our conclusion that God exists for the sole benefit of the human race. This can be affirmed by the presence of diverse things in the world. Some seem insignificant but the entire ecological depends on the existence of such elements. Man cannot attribute the existence of God on his visions but on the happenings in the world, which are facilitated by his intellectual capacity, which is also a gift from God. The visual element of things in the world would no define them to any extent but would only be a description. What makes an element into what it is the real definition of the element itself. Thus, it is sufficient to conclude that what makes us the people we are is not our outward appearance but our inward composition such as our spirit, mind and soul that makes us different from other beings and animals in the world. The intellectual capacity of the human mind is unique such that it enables him to question the existence of man. This also enables, man to discern basic things in life such as reality and the real world, which also sets him apart from things in the world.


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