DESIGN  FLOWER STAMPS http://africamontisngomo.panel. Iwanted to create and interactive or moving piece as my first final product.

So,when I found  P5.JSrotation ellipse by Arjun Singh. I instantly decided to use it as my example to follow.

Ichose this piece because all functions and code used to create it, could belinked to topics that I had learned in the lecture workshops.   Usinghis work as my starting point, I began to alter code deleting and addingdifferent objects that I thought could work with the idea I had in mind. UntilI saw myself with my desire finished product.

  SPIRAL BLACKHOLE When it come to this piece, I cannot say that I had reallyplanned it out, much.

I was going over a site I was recommended by one of mylectures, as I has easy to understand definitions and good examples.  The specific code composition that inspire this drawing canbe found in “” undercombining transformation functions. The original piece is made out triangle that are aligned oneafter another in a circular shape. It creates the sensation of a spiral stairs,this is also due the fact that the size of this triangle becomes bigger themore that are created.

Using his work as guidance I manage to create my own. Idecided to make a sphere-shaped pattern which it is composed out of otherspheres.    ODER BLUE http://africamontisngomo.panel. In this occasion, I used P5.JS colour variables as mainguidance.

In this example, you are able to admire how different sized objectslay inside the other with different shades of a defined colour so they are ableto be seen.  I implemented this idea to my own vision. I transformed itto create Order Blue. On my drawing,I swapped the square for decagons. I also added and extra object (decagon) as Iwanted to have more colour positioning variation.

To create the decagon, I had to create a function the callit back into function draw.   EVALUATION My overall experience for this module was very satisfying aswell as frustrating. At the very beginning, I was not able to make any of thecode I wanted to implement to piece, this would cause my drawing to keepcrashing. This was due to me not being capable on of understanding the basicsof creating a code file using p5.js. However, the more I researched and look atcode it became a lot easier to understand.

 When I come to the quality of my work, I have to say that Icould have been a lot better, as I did not manage to include all of the aspectsincluded on the assignment brief. On the other hand, I would insist that I donot think if I had implemented all of them I would had been able to create thequality drawing I had in mind. Therefore, I do not regret making the decisionof not using them.Also, if I had managed my time efficiently and notprocrastinated so much, I think I would had been able to create more complexfigures but due to the short time I had left to create them I am proud of theresults. For future projects, I would focus giving myself enough time to finishthe task and window for improvement.    References: CodePen: ·     Generative Art:  Engin Arsian , created March 10th,2017. :·     Website (examples): https://p5js.

org/examples/·     Getting Started with P5.JS. Author ,LaurenMcCarthy Reas, and Ben Fry. Published October 2015, Marker Media.246 pages.Paperback.

·     P5.JS rotation ellipse :  Arjun Singh, created  February 21st , 2016//UpdatedMarch 7th, 2016.·     Transformation , Rotation and Translation:    


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