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A number of allegations show that many powerful men in the media, politics and technology have abused their power, and have benefited from those who were in higher positions than they did. Known personalities like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Roy Moore, Sen. Al Franken and President Donald Trump have been accused of many negative things, from exposure to employees and colleagues, excessive ambition, to sexual abuses.People often ask: Is there anything about the rush of these people to be powerful, which makes them pass into so abominable actions?Science claims that unusual phenomena occur in the brains of powerful […]

Mehmed the pope decided he wanted to take

Mehmed the ii was a ruler or sultan of the Ottoman empire. Or he was also known as “Mehmet the Conqueror”. Some of his main accomplishments are that he was a great military leader. He also helped Ottoman to gain control of other territories. Some of the territories he conquered were Anatolia and Balkans.Mehmet was born on March 30 of the year 1432. Mehmet started ruling the throne of Edirne from August 1444 to 1446. Mehmet was only 12 years old when he started ruling the throne. Because Mehmet was so young the pope decided he wanted to take advantage […]

INTRODUCTION The temperature of the whole system will

INTRODUCTIONThisreport paper analyses a small sensor unit and analogy amplifier which ispositioned at the when of a racing car to monitor the pressure of the tire. Thetemperature of the whole system will arise up to 300oC during racingsince the unit will be close to the brake system. The optimum time of operationshould be 180 min for the unit during the race while the total operating periodin a season is a maximum of 500 hours. This extensive cooling unit will not bepossible due to the weight and space reasons. The materials and technologiesthat are needed for this unit include pressure sensor, […]

1. mode features the indirect addressing pointer registers,

 1.       What is the exact model number of the ATmega328P chip?The available Atmega328P ordering code are:·         ATmega328P-AU·         ATmega328P-AUR(5)·         ATmega328P-MMH(4)·         ATmega328P-MMHR(4)(5)·         ATmega328P-MU·         ATmega328P-MUR(5)·         ATmega328P-PU·         ATmega328P-AN·         ATmega328P-ANR(5)·         ATmega328P-MN·         ATmega328P-MNR(5)·         ATmega328P-PN 2.      What are the Atmega328P data and address bus width? Atmega328P has 8-bit data and 32KB address bus width.3.      Is the Atmega328P microprocessor Big or Little Endian? Atmega328P microcontroller addresses the least significant byte first and the most significant byte last.Thus it’s Little Endian system. 4.      Is the uP CISC or RISC?Atmega328P microcontroller is RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer).5.      What register are available? Address? Data? Special? Other?Atmega328P uses Harvard architecture which defines the […]

We help users in building, scaling and growing

 We all known that internet was initially considered to be decentralized platform which is free from any control of corporate or authority. But, it is not true. In reality there are many telecom providers have access to the flow of data within the internet so they manipulate the content which are shared.  The renowned companies like Facebook, Amazon and Google have centralizing control over the internet as a result of it internet neutrality is slowly becoming a concept of the past.  This is an indication of future problem where customers and products of the network are only controlled by the […]

RFID the tags and the readers. The key

 RFID Technology  Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a relatively new automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technology that uses digital data encoded into a radio tag (or “smart label”) that is collected by a reader using radio waves. RFID is similar to another AIDC technology, bar code technology, but instead of optically scanning bar coded labels it uses radio waves to capture data from tags and no direct line of sight is required for this data exchanged between the tags and the readers. The key components of any RFID system, tags, are made up of three parts: ? microchip: holds the desired […]

Thomas Guggenheim’s Senior Advisor for International Affairs, overseeing

 Thomas Krens was born December 26, 1946,the former director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in New York City, and currently the Guggenheim’s Senior Advisor for International Affairs, overseeing the completion of the Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Abu Dhabi.From the beginning of his work at the Guggenheim, Krens promised, and delivered, great change, and was frequently in the spotlight, often as a figure of controversy. During his 20-year tenure from 1988 to 2008 as director he expanded the Guggenheim globally by enlarging and raising the profile of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy, and then building the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain […]

i. data is the cloud, cloud providers processing

      i.          Network layer After data is collected in perception layer, it needs to be transmitted to the IoT cloud service, the network layer contains devices like wireless and wire routers, switches and firewall, IDS and IPS are used to deliver data from the perception layer to the could provider.      ii.            Application Layer The final destination of collected data is the cloud, cloud providers processing and analyzing the data to provide the IoT user with meaningful results, also this layer provides the user with a portal to view IoT services results.  3.    IoT SecurityThe main goal of […]

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IyinoluwaD MatthewAccordingto   JohnVon Neumann was an important figure due to his contributions to the basics ofcomputer. “John Von Neumann is usually considered to be the developer of thecomputer as we know it’s today” (Englander, 2009, p.192). For the past sixdecades to present time, computer architectures abide by the general conceptcreated by Neumann. He was a consultant on the ENIAC project and he presented acomputer that could store both program and data in its memory which became abreak through and had significant improvement over the ENIAC design; thisbecame one of his major contribution. According to the textbook, although othercomputer architectures have […]

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In contrast to the engineering material, living structures show the ability to grow and adapt thereform, shape, and microstructure when it is subjected to the mechanical loading. The phenomenonof growth when it is subjected to mechanical loading conditions on the theoretical and the computationallevel is formulated in this report. The biomechanics problems like bone remodeling, hipreplacement, wound healing are the fields of application of the growth. Growth is defined as theadded mass which can occur due to hyperplasia (cell division), hypertrophy(cell enlargement), secretion(discharge)of hard tissue matrix, and the accretion at external or internal surfaces. There canbe a negative growth in […]

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