Designing Work Organizations Project On    Submitted by:Shubham Saini – EPGP 1734INDEX:1.  Introduction of Burger King2.  Hierarchy at Burger King3. Organizational Structure of Burger King4.

Organizational Design & Culture of Burger King5.  7S- Model- Burger King6.  Innovation at Burger King7.  Burger King organization environment  Source:v Official Website of Burger Kingv Burger King, Pacific Mall, Dehradunv Regional General Managerv Gold Crew     INTRODUCTIONInsta-Burger King, what we know as Burger King today, was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida.

It boasts 15000+ outlets worldwide today and is the fifth-largest amongst all the fast food chain in the world. Burger king is known for serving high-quality, great-tasting, and affordable food. Delicious food and family-friendly dining experiences is what defined Burger king a one stop destination for all the foodies.Headquarters: Miami, Florida, United States Founded: 28 July 1953, Jacksonville, Florida, United StatesCEO: Daniel Schwartz (7 Jun 2013–)Parent organizations: Restaurant Brands International, 3G CapitalFounders: James McLamore, David Edgerton  HIERARCHY AT BURGER KING Source: Regional Manager, Burger King, Dehradun TOP MANAGEMENT     ·    CEO ( Country Head)·    Vice President ( Zone wise)·    Regional manager MIDDLE MANAGEMENT   ·         Area coach ·         Restaurant General manager FRONT LINE MANAGEMENT    ·         Restaurant manager ·         Assistant Restaurant manager ·         Shift Manager NON MANAGERIAL EMP.    ·         Team Leader·         Gold Crew·         Crew Member·         Trainee Regional Hierarchy (India) v  CEO ( Chief Executive Officer)v  Head of Zone ( North, South, East, West)v  Associate Regional Managerv  Finance OR Administration OR  Human Resource OR Operations OR Brand OR Audit OR  New Conceptv  Area Managerv  Territory manager Interaction with Burger King Team, Dehradun Shubham Saini (ME)           ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF BURGER KING Burger king use three type of organizational structures that are as follows:ü   Geographical Structureü   Divisional Structureü   Hybrid Structure Geographical structure: In this structure organizations focuses on users on the basis of geography.

Burger king have different branches in different geographical locations. This structure helps the organization in analyzing the regional demand and scope of new products for the particular geographical area. Divisional Structure: Divisions organized according to products, services, product groups. Burger king also follows this structure as it has established itself at different geographical regions with using their local material to create products. Customers can buy Burger king products from their nearby localities. Hybrid structure: In this structure Organization use approaches that are combination of various other structures like functional and divisional. Often used in rapidly changing environments.

This structure has divided the tasks and then provides coordination. As per the hierarchy of Burger King the tasks are divided among each and every employee level and accordingly they have to carry out the operations. As they know that it is impossible to all the things at the same time and place. Few problems that might occur are the cultural and global problems.Today’s business environment have rapid change and uncertainty. In this type of business environment the decision making process should be very fast and error free. And this can be done only by more cooperation of team and information received by trial and error. Burger king is successful because all the operations running at their stores are well defined and monitored by the skilled team.

Burger king believed in 100% customer satisfaction in terms of hospitality and food quality.ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN & CULTURE OF BURGER KINGOrganization design is the process of coordinating the structural elements of an organization in the most appropriate manner. The process by which managers create a specific type of organizational structure and culture so that a company can operate in the most efficient and effective way.Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organizations. These shared values have a strong influence on the people in the organization and dictate how they dress, act, and perform their jobs.      Seen above: observable symbols, ceremonies, stories, slogans, behaviors, dressing etc.

Submerged: underlying values, assumption, beliefs, feelings etc.         Adaptability culture is identified through the new change or policies we introduce to maximize the customer satisfaction. Burger king with ever increase in demand always tries to introduce new offers and policies to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty towards the brand.Mission Culture is defined when organization concerned with serving specific customers without need for rapid change. This is what Burger King do for its customers.Clan Culture has primary focus on the involvement and participation of organization team members in rapidly changing environment. Burger king always keep eye on the changes occurred in the business environment and make sure that each and every member of team should participate in the same.

This above referred model is similar to the Burger King culture. 7S- MODEL- BURGER KINGStrategy:The Key Strategy that has worked for Burger King is its Simplicity. It has outpaced Wendy’s and McDonalds because of the complex approach that they have adopted.

For Instance, many industry experts believe that increased wait times of drive-thru in McDonald’s has led to unhappy customers and it is happening because of their complex menu. Also, constant promotion and one-on-one discounts adds to the taste buds of their happy customers.Structure:Burger King’s organizational structure has changed multiple times, much because of change in ownership and leadership. Earlier it had a centralized functional structure, yet at present, it has the following main characteristics:1. Global centralization2.

Functional groups3. Geographic divisionsSpeaking more about Geographic Divisions, Burger King operates under four global segments:• Asia Pacific• US & Canada• Europe, the Middle East & Africa• Lain America & the Caribbean. Systems:Burger King, has hybrid production line approach to food service which is much similar to that of McDonald’s. If a customer wishes to buy a burger, then maximum changes are there that the burger is already kept assembled in the storage unit. This reduces the wait time but, hampers freshness of the food too.

 Shared Values:Burger King as an employer treats its employees as a family and creates a culture that is Bold, Accountable, Meritocratic, Empowered and Fun. Style: Burger King tries hard to put only those employees on board who are work hard, are smart and poses humility. Daniel S.

Schwartz, the CEO of Burger King said in an interview to (November 21, 2017 edition) “One question I ask is, ‘Are you smart or do you work hard?'”. He adds, “You want hard workers. You’d be surprised how many people tell me, ‘I don’t need to work hard, I’m smart.’ Really? Humility is important,”Staff:Various staff positions that are represented within the Burger King team are General and Assistant Manager and Shift Coordinators. These different staff posts interact directly with the customers who whoop into Burger King’s outlets to relieve their taste buds.Skills:Besides exceptional guest service, the strongest skills that are represented by Burger King Staff are ability to act as a good and productive team-mate and ability to effectively handle the disputes within the team and issues faced by the customer.

                  INNOVATION AT BURGER KINGBurger King has witnessed many changes in its strategy, processes, organizational structure and policies as it has transitioned through the hands of many leaderships and ownerships. According to their official site Burger King caters close to 11 Million guests worldwide each day. With their innovative approach and work culture, they are still serving great-tasting, high quality affordable food which definitely paves way for them to be the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. Their original HOME OF THE WHOPPER ® shows their commitment to continuously innovate through experimenting with premium ingredients, signature recipes and great dining experiences. There is no reason why Burger King should not be able to make a mark for itself in food industry since last 50 years. Resources that plays an important role in lightening the lamp of INNOVATION at Burger King are:v  Technology usedv  Great Taste at affordable pricesv  Amazing offers v  Outstanding Hospitalityv  Regional touchv  Ambience      BURGER KING ORGANIZATION ENVIRONMENT           The Burger king environment can be divided into three parts:The Industry Environment which comprises the sectors which Burger King directly interacts with and have an impact on its goals. (Example: Raw materials, human resources, international markets etc.

)The General Environment includes those sectors that might not have a direct impact on Burger King (ex. Government sector (effect of GST, Demonetization etc.), socio cultural sector, economic sectors.      The International Environment includes all the sectors that effect Burger King on an International scale, whose importance has risen drastically over the few years. (Example:  BREXIT, China’s economy)   —————————————————THANK YOU———————————————————–  


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