Development of Solution Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Development of Solution Abstract BIA offers various courses and workshops like Experimental Darkroom Processes, Contemporary Printmaking, Digital Photography, Painting, Photo Silkscreen Printing, Post Modernism, Abstraction, Cultural Productions, Drawing, Mixed Media, Contemporary Sculpture & Assemblage, Gold &Silversmithing, Ceramics, Installation, and Professional Arts Practice.

The nature of the goods and services that BIA engages in, that is art, is very volatile. This is what created its unstable financial base. The BABOK Principles- An introduction BABOK principles are global guidelines of business analysis that can be used to understand how certain tasks can be performed in order to get solutions to an organization. In particular, this paper shall apply the tasks that exclusively deal with Business analysis background The Brisbane Institute of Art (BIA) is a firm that has a problem that needs a multi-dimensional solution. The financial rut in which BIA got itself into is because of various decisions.

One, their main source of income is form proceeds contributed by the members, rent and art events like exhibitions. Having a financial base like this is highly risky as the organization depends primarily on its customers to keep it going. The firm operating as a non-governmental organization provides services to students and other art professionals, which entitles it some waivers and benefits from the government. Evidently, this is not enough to sustain BIA. Some of the problems plaguing BIA can be summarized as follows.

As a non-profit organization, BIA has not focused on marketing as compared to other art teaching institutions. Most art schools offer more marketable curriculums and services that edged out BIA. The level of advertising by BIA was low and therefore, most young people as well as the older clientele could not easily associate themselves with the institution.

There were no advertising campaigns on television and even on social networking sites like Twitter. The low-level marketing approach that BIA took is responsible for the poor student turnout and a subsequent drop in revenue from tuition fees. BIA Solutions Assessed Solution Viable Techniques Several approaches are useful in ascertaining the correct solutions are obtained such as the holistic technique where issues raised by stakeholders are considered while guiding the solution process.

An additional approach is base-lining where current and future levels are recorded for comparison purposes in the solution generation method. The future results are compared to a baseline record to ascertain the progress is on course. An optional approach is the sign-off where stakeholders signify their approval of documented changes and course by signing. Specific focus is given to the linage of every pre-requiste. Introduction The domain in which these solutions are focusing on is the financial domain. Although the term “solution’ is satisfactory enough, it contains subsets within it that hold further information on how the process will be carried out. The solution components, when grouped together and working in tandem, make up a working solution.

Within BABOK, the term “knowledge areas” refer to the tasks that a business analyst is expected to perform. For the purposes of this project, the solutions assessment and validation knowledge are will be our focus of study. This knowledge area describes the tasks are executed that ensure solutions meet business needs. These tasks also enhance the implementation process. Through business analysis, the process of selecting, formulating and implementing solutions is delivered in a manner that maximizes the benefits to the stakeholders. Most business solutions are tailor-made to suit the organization’s environment and as such, analysts often make sure that stakeholders are kept in the know of the solution techniques and that their requirements were factored into the solution. Determining proposed solution Various solution components are available for BIA that will ensure the successful recovery if well implemented.

a) Upgrading the BIA website The website will be restructured to include video feeds of the organization’s staff and students. This will be relatively cheap as it involves enhancing and customizing the existence website. Other suggestions include photos and prospectus showing the different features by BIA highlighting the upcoming events and competition, room facilities, membership offers, gallery space for exhibition that is rented, parking facilities and sponsors logo.

The webpage can also help existing internal staff and pupils. The feature to book a studio, room for class and updating can be done through the new webpage with their user identification. i) Solution assessment The cost for developing and posting the video, academic material and other content will be next to nil, as it will be done by the various media teachers who are knowledgeable in photography and video production. The proposed online registration method will be helpful in attracting online customers who may reside far away.

The purchasing and administration of database software will not be expensive as well. The institution has established IT infrastructure and its teachers are all competent in handling databases. Therefore, armed wit these two qualities, the website and its additional features will be successfully implemented. The exposure to social media will be beneficial in promoting BIA among larger audiences. In this solution, the online registration system holds the most potential of increasing student uptake for BIA and in the process, solving the financial impasse. ii) Input Assumptions and constraints: The assumption that the website upgrading will increase the amount of traffic visiting BIA’s pages will convince many people that this is the best first solution.

The availability of funds to successfully purchase and implement the online registration system is a glaring constraint. The limited time for implementing the registration system poses another challenge to this solution. Requirements: Functional requirements- The nature of the Internet is such that many people are networked together through different web pages. This dynamic aspect is what will contribute toward the increased student registration both online and physically. When more and more people can peruse the BIA web pages, they are more likely to enroll if they were looking for an art school (Moore, 2005). Transition requirements-The conversion from the paper-based system of registering to online will be very smooth and easy. This is because BIA already has an existing IT infrastructure that will be upgraded. The professionals that will be brought in to train workers on the new database system will be done in a weeks’ time.

Solution options The record of accomplishment for advertising goods and services through the internet has been a solid reason for the many new entrants into that method of marketing. Internet advertising is massive with the total audience reaching up to billions, the adverts can be targeted and tracking of site traffic is more comprehensive. Keeping in mind the financial status of BIA, the internet is the best cost-effective way of reaching out to potential clients. The low entry-level fees and the bidding processes are an encouragement for BIA to engage in internet advertising (Schumann & Thorson, 2007). Stakeholders The banks, the Department of State Finance and other sponsors who have been regularly supporting BIA financially can provide a positive or negative feedback on the solution in as far as raising the financial slump in which the organization had gotten itself into beforehand.

The technicians and professionals that are involved in fixing of solutions can give good recommendation and feedback as well (Cadle & Yeates, 2010). The suppliers and project manager will need to contribute their respective advice to ensure the project is planned and managed properly. The supplier will provide information on the practicability of the particular solution option. Allocation of requirements In the process of assigning stakeholders and solution requirements to solution components, BIA will follow the following protocol. The project manager will be charged with the responsibility of administering business policies and rules.

The employees and the student leaders shall be responsible for operating and maintaining the website as well as the online database system. The technician from Oracle limited will be responsible for all the installed software applications and the application components used. Defining the Business case Benefits The new website will have all the programs offered by BIA. This will act as a marketing tool that will advertise to the whole world the advantages of studying in BIA. The added integration of newsletters will be a plus for the students, as they can be kept updated on the upcoming events and exhibitions. Costs Involved The costs involved in acquiring the full licensed version of the database system are somewhat beyond the reach of the company.

The other costs include renewing the lease of the premises, the payments for the technical trainer and building expansion. Result Measurement-Based on the developing the existing website with new features and functions BIA and becoming social media frenzy, and with promoting reward and membership benefits, BIA should be able to retain most of its existing students for more art course for the next semester as well as attract a wide range of audiences. BIA should be able to achieve the target of enrolling 50 more students by the semester commencing in starting of semester 2013. References Cadle, J., Paul, D., & Yeates, D. (2010).

Business analysis. Swindon: British Informatics Society. Moore, D. A.

(2005). Conflicts of interest: Challenges and solutions in business, law, medicine, and public policy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Schumann, D. W.

, & Thorson, E. (2007). Internet advertising: Theory and research. Mahwah, N.J: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.


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