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26, 2018


the holocaust there were many objectives going on such as the Nazis in war and
producing experiments to become the dominant race by trying to eradicate any
other races so that nobody could defeat the Nazis, such experiments and what
the doctors did overall & whatnot will be listed below


Josef Mengele- (aka Angel of Death) at Auschwitz extermination was conducted on
an industrial scale with three million persons eventually killed through
gassing, starvation, shooting, and burning. That hurts, and Josef Mengele was
the chief provider for the gas chambers and did well! When it was reported that
one block was infected with lice, Mengele solved the problem by gassing all the
750 women assigned to it, yikes and again not yet up to women`s rights and


Carl Clauberg At Auschwitz Professor Carl Clauberg injected chemical substances
into wombs of thousands of Jewish and “Gypsy” women I wonder why they were so
harsh, the injections, producing horrible pain, inflamed ovaries, bursting
spasms in the stomach, and bleeding sterilized them. Men and women were
positioned repeatedly for several minutes between two x-ray machines aimed at
their sexual organs, I think some of that was across the line just to become
the dominant race, and depower any other race(s),


there is Dr. Herta Oberheuser killed children with oil and evipan injections,
then removed their limbs and vital organs. The time from the injection to death
was between three and five minutes, with the person being fully conscious until
the last moment. During the Holocaust she made some of the most gruesome and
painful medical experiments, focused on deliberately inflicting wounds on the
subjects I’m just wondering why children.


Karl Brandit is but in August 1944 Dr. Karl Brandit, which was Hitler`s
personal physician, was appointed Reich Commissioner for Sanitation and health,
ranked as the highest Reich authority, he was authorized to issue instructions
to the medical organizations of the government, to the party, and the armed
forces, not much info on him but that’s what I got.


Heissmeyer he had twenty children he had them transfer to Auschwitz to the
Neuengamme concentration camp, he had ½ each, ten boys and ten girls all
between ages 5-12, they were selected to be subjects of an experiment to
designed by Heissmeyer to test a theory that injected living tuberculosis
bacteria that would grant immunity to disease, Heissmeyer took his children`s
lymph glands and began to inject them with it, later his children grew ill and sicker
by days, after a little while him and his assistants hung them all in a school
basement, after the end of the war Heissmeyer escaped to east Germany where he
started a successful medical practice.


            Some extra fun facts are – 7% of all German Physicians
became members of the Nazi party during World War 2, a far higher percentage
that the general population. In 1942 more than 38,000 German doctors, half the
total number of doctors had joined the Nazi party. And in general Nazi
physicians did experiments on people like Dr. Sigmund Rascher conducted blood
coagulation experiments on inmates at Dachau concentration camps. Experiments
on prisoners at Ravensbruck concentration camp tested the efficacy of
sulfonamides (aka sulfa drugs). The German armies were ill prepared for the
cold they faced on the eastern front and thousands of soldiers died cause of it
and so they conducted the freezing and hypothermia experiments. Over the course
of 3 months in 1943 and 1944 experiments were conducted on inmates at Buchenwald
concentration camps to test the effectiveness of pharmaceutical remedies on
phosphorous burns inflicted by incendiary bombs so they were the incendiary
bomb experiments. To find ways to make seawater drinkable, experiments were
conducted on inmates at Dachau, the subjects were placed into four different
groups, one in no water, the 2nd seawater, 3rd in
seawater processed by the Berka Method, and 4th seawater without
salt. Experiments were conducted at Buchenwald concentration camp to determine
the effects of poisons on human beings, and later poisons were secretly
administered to the inmates. Other experiments were Sterilization, Bone, Muscle
and nerve regeneration and bone transplantation experiments, Spotted fever
experiments, Usually the most popular one Twin and Genetic Experiments


            There were the shocking and suppressing experiments that
the Nazi infamous doctors of the Holocaust were, pretty tragic right…. But
that’s how Nazi(s) in general as a race tried to eradicate and demoted other races,
that’s it so thanks for stopping by and have a good rest of the day.


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