Devon because of a long lasting suspicion among

Devon OliveiraMr. ElsleyHistory 4U10 January 2018                Humpty Dumpty had a great fall    This great wall was a guarded concrete barrier that once stood in Berlin, Germany; the wall broke ground on August 13, 1961. Construction finally came to a halt on December 20, 1963. The masterpiece was designed and built by German Democratic Republic (GDR). The wall stood there for a solid 28 years or so, serving as a divider between West Germany and Eastern Germany, Berlin was also enclosed in a wall, half belonging to both sides. The Wall was constructed because of a long lasting suspicion among the Soviets on one side and Western Europeans, and the Americans on the other side. The wall began being assembled overnight; East Germany’s response to people emigrating the controlled society, to democracies like USA and Canada. The purpose of the Wall was to prevent the massive emigration affecting East Germany and the communist Eastern Bloc during the post-World War II period, away from the Western side. The Eastern side was a colony of the Soviet Union, thus causing the conflict resulting in the wall. USA, France and Britain also colonized the state. In order to get to the Western side of Europe or the Eastern side for that matter, you had to cross the Berlin border.  After the first World War, Germany found themselves to be in extreme discomfort. They came to be lead by other countries… As the USSR, USA, Britain and France all had colonies in the former superpower. The Soviet Union was in control of the East half of Germany. East Berlin became the capital of East Germany. While, The other three countries controlled small parts of the Western side.  The ladder three countries had came to an agreement to make their zones into one country; West Germany. It was kind of ironic, as a Russian lead sector (Eastern Germany) had a weak economy after the war had concluded… So did the Soviet’s main strip of land, Eastern Berlin Was viewed as like a Moscow, 2.0. Meanwhile Western Berlin was an absolute hot spot. Things were very good for the Western side. Compared to popular cities out of the Americas. So, while things were golden out West, they could barely even get any stock in stores to fill shelves… Whatever was still there was very poor quality. The Soviets would later break more promises, and transformed Eastern Germany into a communist country; putting an even bigger wedge between not only the people and the leaders, but also the rest of Europe.    Eventually the people of Eastern Germany “had it up here”, they started rioting on their side but it had escalated quite quickly. Around lunch time they decided to storm through the border and start rioting with the Western Germans. They wanted to build a strong foundation with the West. The Soviets took action and called in the heavys. Literally. There was soon tanks on site, shooting at crowds killing plenty and leaving many injured. Crowds of people started attempting to make their way west, day by day. Around 8,000 to 10, 000. East Germany knew they couldn’t afford to lose anyone, especially with the way the economy was. The people trying to leave happened to be: highly skilled tradesmen, or members of professions. The Soviets were puzzled, they didn’t know how to stop so many people, but they took action. So what did they do? Well, some bright dude came up with this “bright idea” to construct a wall so high, it would be “impossible to hop”. They went ahead and built the wall that night. “It consisted of 67 miles of concrete segment wall which was 4 metres high, 42 miles of wire mesh fencing, 65 miles of anti-vehicle trenches, and 79 miles of contact or signal fence. There were 302 watchtowers, and 20 bunkers” (facts about berlin wall). Many people are confused as to the wall’s whereabouts. “It was built on the border between West and East Germany from the Baltic sea through the centre of Germany all the way to Hildburghausen. From there it went east towards the border of Czechoslovakia. When building the wall, houses were torn down and replaced with mined strips and watchtowers. At this time the people of Berlin knew it was more than just their worst nightmare, it was reality”(facts about berlin wall). The Eastern residents were not allowed to leave, however, the Western residents were welcome on the Eastern side but they had to leave everything on their side and they could only stay a week. There was a yearly limit on visits though. If one was to mention or even think about the government they would be reprimanded. The wall was referred to by authorities as The Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart. Government on the Western side sometimes implied that the great wall wasn’t all that great… Was more so, you know; a shameful wall. The wall of shame. Preventing freedom from pedestrians for 28 years. Also happens to be a physical symbol of “‘iron curtain”, now what is iron curtain? Well, iron curtain was the name of the boundary separating Europe into two seperate areas, from the end of the second world war until the cold war (1945 – 1991). Roughly 5000 people made it to the West, 3200 caught and arrested, 160 shot dead and 120 shot but only injured. (facts about berlin wall). After time had passed the Eastern Germans had a revolution. They wanted free access to information, the right to political discussions, freedom of thoughts and creativity, maintain a plural ideology, right to travel freely, right to influence over government authority, right to examine their beliefs and the right to voice an opinion. So after much anticipation, people spoke up and demanded a democracy. The government felt an obligation to obey the demands, and give the people what they wanted. In 1989, a series of revolution in Europe, lead way to the quietus of the wall. December 22, 1989 was the end of the great Berlin wall (Berlin wall timeline).  Everyone finally received, what they once dreamt about. Saw family and friends for the first time in many years.