Did you know that tractor’s are like watermelons, you keep the Red and throw the Green away. Now that I got your attention, In this speech I will be comparing Case IH and John Deere  headed to head, will be looking at the cold hard facts, and why I believe Case is better than Deere. For 60 years Case IH Steiger has delivered the most performance and productivity and still continues to deliver. Like the new CVX Drive or (Continuously Variable Transmission) improves the efficiency and performance, therefore increasing the productivity of the tractor and putting more money back in your pockets, by cutting back on fuel cost. Plus you save on the wear and tear of your equipment. The Case Steigers, still ranks at the top of the leader borders.

The Case IH Magnum Tractor Series are the industry leading row crop tractors. The Magnum Series Horsepowers range from 180 to 380, these Case Magnum Tractor come standard with  the CVX Drive or (Continuously Variable Transmission). This Transmission is a 19 speed powershift. The New Case Magnums have got an APM or a diesel saver mode, the tractors computer automatically selects the best gear and the engines RPM to help up to save up to 25 percent of diesel fuel use. When you ride in the new Case Magnums, they are the smoothest riding tractors on the market, with Four-Way cab suspension.  So when you get on those fields that is nothing but dirt clumps and badger dirt, you will be comfortable and not even feel a bump.

If you are looking for an even smoother ride and if you got an extra few bucks you can buy the new Case Magnums with a suspended front axle. This would improve the traction and ride quality over all of this rough fields. I could keep going and talk more about these New Case Magnums tractors and Case Siegers tractors, but I think you got the point about how Case IH is making there equipment Strong Smart and Simple. If you got the cattle that bring you profit, but dont got the equipment to get the job done Case has got your back, with all the newest equipment from balers, windrowers, rakes, mowers and conditioners, skid steers and the newest Puma and Maxxum Tractors. When you get your feed in the ground and you need it cut and baled in a hurry, Case has got the new WD4 Windrower.

When your done cutting you might need a baler. Whatever sized bales you wanna make, Large Square bales, Small Square bales, and Large Round bales. These Case balers can make, and wrap these bale fast and efficient with greater density. When it comes to loading up the bales in the field, there are two ways you can load, ether with a front loader on a tractor, or with a skid steer.

Im my opinion Case has got one of the best skid steers on the market, all though there are a big number of skid steer on the market.


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