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By: Catherine Alfonso     Blogger – Los Angeles, CA    Perhaps you’ve heard of, or read recent studies regarding where all those plastic water bottles we’ve all sworn off of at one time or another are ultimately ending up. Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon that cute little TED Talk in your facebook feed. The cheerful yet informative illustrated short detailing the various life-cycles of 3 “single-use” water bottles. And maybe by now you’re curious about the potential dangers of ingesting foods, mainly of the aquatic variety, that may contain some level of these ‘microplastics’ you’ve been hearing about. Is there cause for concern? The jury […]

Criminalization of the Homeless Community

CRIMINALIZATION OF THE HOMELESS COMMUNITY Many individuals experience homelessness do not have certain needs, including affordable housing, adequate income and health care. Some homeless persons may need additional services such as mental health or drug treatment in order to be securely housed. This research paper will discuss what homeless means, various ways in which individuals become homeless, trends, laws that effect the homeless , and do decriminalization of the homeless community help or hinder the situation. To be homeless means a person is considered homeless who “lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate night-time residence; and… has a primary night time […]

Causal Analysis Argument about the Media

Causal Analysis Argument about the Media Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Causal Analysis Argument about the Media Introduction Television has been around in America since the 1950s. Currently, around 99% of Americans watch televisions on an average of 4 to 5 hours in a day. More so, families with more than one television set at their home have increased, with many having them in their bedrooms. It has acted as the primary and most popular source of entertainment for people. Therefore, it occupies majority of people’s time in a day, after sleeping and working. Thus, it is bound to have […] needs. Of course, every parent wants to Bellies buy Little Bellies Little Bellies singapore Little Bellies Corn Cake Beetroot Apple Little Bellies Corn Cake Apple BlueberryLittle Bellies – The right meal for your childBabies are a blessing. How much parents love their babies is immeasurable. Similarly, it is of utmost importance that you understand their basic needs. Of course, every parent wants to see their baby happy, and to make your baby happy, you certainly need to provide them with proper care. Especially, the right type of food. Food plays an important part in your infant’s growth and development, and therefore feeding them the right kind […]

If diets start at the groceries store, so

If you reallywant to improve your eating habits, it doesn’t matter if you follow all thetips above or not, the important thing is to create a tailored solution,because every person is different! So, don’t hesitate and start eating healthytoday! Ingredients and nutrient content can vary a lot, so always try to choose carefully. Read all of the labels. Compare nutrition information and try to select products with the lowest amounts of sodium, added sugars, saturated fat and trans-fat. Don’t dismiss entire food groups, try to shop and, more importantly eat, a wide variety of foods to get all the nutrients that […]

We risk of developing type 2 diabetes than

We consume ahuge amount of sugar through the different types of food that we eat daily.Unfortunately, most of this sugar is actually refined sugar which has beenthrough a process that removes all the beneficial nutrients. Moreover, Refinedsugar is found anywhere from bread, ketchup and especially sugary drinks. Thehuge amount of refined sugar found in sugary drinks makes them veryharmful for our health, especially for children who are developing and growing. In addition, buying sugary drinks is a very easy method since theyare cheap and sold everywhere, making it easy for childrento purchase them and drink them on a daily basis. Therefore, Sugarydrinks should not be sold for children […]

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I am writing to you mainly because I am alarmed about the health care system for minorities and their access to it. Health care access and insurance coverage are main causes that contributed to racial and ethnic differences before the ACA success. Most healthcare systems are recognized that black and minority populations have always experienced low wellbeing and difficulties in improving undeniable services. Securing the health gap for people in these population groups is now an important primacy. Groups such as African Americans, American Indians, in addition to other groups like Asians and Hispanics, are in jeopardy of inappropriate benefits […]

Suggested 70% of the produce grown in their

Suggested Title — Vertical Farming: A Green Solution for Overpopulated CitiesAccess to fresh, healthy food is a national issue. While the United States has seen a rise in farmer’s markets and an increase in organic, local foods at grocery stores, the fact remains that the price to obtain fresh and healthy foods is steep. Many problems encircle the issue of fresh foods including the price of fresh fruits and vegetables for families with many children, the carbon footprint that comes from the transport of vegetables across the country to large cities, and especially the way in which non-organic foods impact […]

5 week to meet your friends and parents.

5 simple ways to be happy everyone has their own way to be happy. People found happiness by buying cars house furniture or a good job but it is all temporary happiness. You are surrounded by many people but you are not feeling happy and good because may be you are ignoring something or doing something wrong. Here we have the five simple ways to be happy always- 1- be grateful be grateful to the people around you and always remember that they were there with you in all your trouble. The best way is to write a gratitude journal. […]

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