Abstract_ the knowledge, attitude, and practices (KAP) of

Abstract_ Yemen is the secondpoorest country in the Middle East and North African region. It has substantialproblems of poverty, ill health, malnutrition and low educational achievementwith high population growth. The purpose of this study is to investigate thechanges in the knowledge, attitude, and practices (KAP) of primary schoolchildren after receiving a nutrition education package for four weeks. Avalidated questionnaire was used to assess KAP at pre-and post-intervention. Atotal of 233 Yemeni children were divided into intervention group (105) andcontrol group (128) The intervention group received nutrition education packagethat composed of a video viewing session and comic book reading sessionfollowed by […]

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 TITLE: NUTRITION CYCLE IN THE LIFE OF INFANTS          STUDENT NAME: GRACE MUTALESTUDENT NUMBER: 2016992100085COURSE NAME: HEALTH PROMOTIONTEACHER’S NAME: CAIFANG ZHANGSCHOOL: MEDICAL SCHOOL HANGZHOU NORMAL UNIVERSITYDATE: 15TH DECEMBER 2017INTRODUCTION   Optimal feeding practices such as exclusive breast feeding and good complementary feeding for infants ranks the most effective  interventions to improve infant health The nutritional  life of an infant is so crucial due to that s/he  is solely dependent on the mother and family- network  around  to provide the best nutrition for his/her growth. From conception, an infant in womb was receiving nutrients through the umbilical cord, but […]

Bsn from the muscles by breaking them down

Bsn amino x, manufactured by bio-engineered supplements and nutrition, is a favorite among bodybuilders and weightlifters.  It has a number of essential amino acids all of which are touted to improve endurance and performance. In addition to amino acids, it comes with a healthy dose of vitamin D as well as other additives such as taurine, l-citrulline and l-alanine. It comes in five flavors with most of the people who leave reviews saying that the fruit punch flavor is their favorite. With all the positive reviews out there, is amino x bsn worth buying?Supporting muscle post-workout recovery and enduranceDid you know that amino acids are the primary building blocks of all proteins which are themselves the main building blocks of lean muscle? The three amino acids found in BSN amino x, Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, need to be obtained from […]

Animal been man’s best friend for thousands of

Animal Welfare and a True Hero Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years. They are sweet, innocent, and kind. Having grown up with a dog, I feel the remarkable connection apparent between both humans and animals. Dogs love, cry, and share the very same emotions that we possess. Sadly and terribly, there are people in Asia torturing and consuming dogs. This is such a large problem that after running numerous tests The Humane Society came to the estimated conclusion that 30 million dogs are slaughtered in Asia every year. The practice of eating dogs has been a tradition […]

Although elderly. First and foremost, being aware of

Although prescription medications are not completely free ofrisks or side effects, medications do save lives. The more medications we take atthe same time, the higher the risk of adverse events. Polypharmacy isan increase in the number of medications, or the use of more medications thanare medically necessary (Maher, 2014). There are several factors to considerwhen talking about polypharmacy including where it occurs, how polypharmacycame to be, the pros and cons of polypharmacy, and the outcomes frompolypharmacy. Being aware of the settings, reasons, symptoms, problems andoutcomes associated with polypharmacy can better prepare us to fight againstthe widespread problem that affects anyone […]

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In case you are a new mom, you might be going through a host of both physical as well as mental changes after pregnancy. These changes are natural. However rapid hair loss is one of the worst out of all these changes. You need to understand that this too is a natural process. According to a leading Health Site, this rapid hair loss occurs owing to increased estrogen levels. After pregnancy there is a strong dip in the estrogen levels. This may start about three month after pregnancy and may go on until after about 2 years after pregnancy. The […]

Herein, more patients with some or severe dehydration

Herein, we describe the prevalence and clinical manifestations of HAdVs in patients hospitalized due to acute diarrhea. The strengths of our study were that an unbiased systematic sampling were followed irrespective of age, sex, nutrition status, disease severity or socioeconomic context for a long period of time over four consecutive years. The overall detection rate was found to be 10.7% which is a three-fold increase compared to the earlier studies (1.9-3.9%) conducted in Bangladesh 21. This concordance can be explained by the enrollment of only hospitalized patients in the current study. However, our observation is comparable to many studies conducted […]

Gluten 2007). Some foods such as wheat, barley,

Gluten is a protein which has a central role to determine the unique baking quality of wheat by conferring water absorption capacity, cohesivity, viscosity and elasticity. Gluten is a complex protein but two main fractions are important. There are two major fractions about solubility of gluten in aqeous alcohols which are soluble gliadins and insoluble glutenins (Wieser, 2007). Some foods such as wheat, barley, rye, oat contains gluten which is a natural protein. Although gluten is an inartificial protein, there are some modifications in genetic of wheat. Nowadays, because of these changes, human body can make some difficulties in digestion […]

Breast menstruation and birth control. Breast cancer is

Breast cancer just so happens to bea growing epidemic that many women (even men) are faced with. This is amalignant tumor that starts in the cells of the breast. A malignant tumor is agroup of cancer cells that grow into surrounding tissues to distant areas ofthe body. It has started becoming an epidemic that plagues all women around theworld. There are many risk factors that can cause breast cancer such as familyhistory, environment, diet and exercising, chemicals in foods or products,hormones and so much more. It does not affect just older women, it also affectsyoung women due to menstruation and […]

The differentiation with proventriculus, gizzard, and pancreas (Fuller

 The way how to estimate methane emissions from enteric fermentation which given by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the organization Guidelines recommended multiplying the number of animals for each animal category by a Corresponding emission factor (IPCC, 1996). However, we do not have such methane emission factor for poultry and the poultry methane emission is not clear for us. Clearly, predominant methanogenic species found in chicken ceca is Methanobrevibacter woesei (Suwat Saengkerdsub et al, 2007). Additionally, archaea, methanomicrobiales, methanobacteriales also occur in the ileum digesta and cecum content in poultry. G1 Therefore, before the food emptied from crop by […]

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