Digital media ProjectFor my digital mediaproject assignment, I am to create a piece of work that I put into aprofessional portfolio, for later years when attempting to find work in thechosen industry path I choose to go into. I have to identify the best solutionsand figure problem I will face in the process of making my project – thisincludes software, resources, references. I am creating a Graphic Novel containing at least 30 pages, with uniquecharacters and a gripping story narrative with plot twist and etc. It importantis for me to build up the fundamentals from the ground up and make sure myresearch is thorough and also being able to back up what I’m talking about inmy own words. I will need to learn everything that is important to creatingsuccessful comic/ graphic novel whatever the genre is.

Aspiring comic bookillustrators/ writers like myself will need to learn everything from characterdevelopment, storytelling, script writing, concept creation and etc. I amexcited to create my project as its step in the right direction I can see mycareer going. When it comes to the software of choice I will need to know what I’musing from the start so finding a comparing the best one that can produce thebest overall presentation for my project will be vital and also knowing thebest type of U.I will benefit the viewer aspect of this project because it beseen only digitally. How To create a greatnarrative in comic/manga?Thequestion of how to create a great narrative will always appears in the mind ofthe writer, when they want to begin a piece of writing.

It something thatplagues even the best, but this setback will only drive the writer to pushtheir limits and think outside the box, this will force them to pluck even theweirdest idea and turn into something outstanding. ElizabethSim, an author wrote a book that could help with the issue that plagues many writersincluding myself.  You’ve Got a Book in You(2013), details how you can go about starting your stories and how you canbuild on the narrative and give it something extra.  These steps which there are four of them, shestill stands by today and it defiantly has helped her succeed. Theycould be considered vital so explaining them in brief detail will be hard butonce you get a full grasp of the concepts everything after that will comenaturally.

These four-fundamentalsteps are ·      Bend it ·      Amp It  ·      Drive it ·      Strip it Bend it Thecreator of the Fight Club Novels said he drew a lot of influence from the GreatGatsby to outline the underlining fundamentals that crazy story goes throughwith the characters while they develop throughout the novels.”Really, what I waswriting was just The Great Gatsby updated a little. It was ‘apostolic’fiction—where a surviving apostle tells the story of his hero. There are twomen and a woman. And one man, the hero, is shot to death”-Chuck took thetraditional love story formula and raised the stakes by ten and set the storyin the high society of 1920s America, distorting it into a vicious and gorystory filled with sexual obsession, cultism and social disruption. He bent itthe ideas and made them his own.Amp it.

Plot twists is never abad thing, it makes things fascinating for the reader. Playing with theemotional state of your character is a very clever way to enhance yourcharacters persona. Instantly cause emotionally attachment to main protagonistand utilising the supporting characters an also build an interesting dynamic.Unexpectedly secondary characters carry a lot of the story. Only if it isdone appropriately, they can dictate the sway of the narrative somewhat and canobstruct or cause snags for the main character. Visualising a story withoutthem, unless you are actually writing a story with a singular character, theworld your character inhabit will be a dead one. They form a great dynamic whilstgiving a secondary interpretation of the situation at hand  Blood Ties Affiliation usually results instory gold and it something that is vital and could be the driving force ofyour story.

It something I have definitely considered including in my story.Taking your time with choices you are willing to make when writing the finaldraft of the plot will help a lot depending on the theme and genre you decidedto go with.  Adding Darker aspects canhelp the story not become stale and sometime having antagonist, scapegoat, orvillain who deals with jealousy or favourite can add an interesting dynamic.

Blood links instantly heighten conflict and way of thinking, it considered theone thing you cannot change or simply walk away from, it will force yourcharacters to learn the hard way.  Drive it The core ofthe premise-You should never waste pages or time building the premise in thewhen building the setting and outline of story in the very beginning, startsomewhere in the middle where the story starts to develop more and usually hasthe meatiest chuck of story twist for you build upon. Then drive the point ofthe premise forward.

 Expanding Literacies through Graphic Novels by GretchenSchwarz In onesection of the journal Gretchen Schwarz talks about saying  it’s key to read and interpret graphic novelsin many different ways, she gave some students a graphic novel called TheHurdles and made them observe things they wouldn’t usually pay attention to. Shemade sure they careful looked at the visual aspects of the scene, and see howit affect the way you piece together narrative such as colour, shading, panellayout, perspective, and even the lettering style.  “The coach himself is just a pair of sunglasses on a nose, holdingstill, closed off. He is not portrayed as a fully human figure, and hisignorant racism is reflected in his stance.”- (Schwarz, 2006)Hurdles are the physical barrierwhich is used in a symbolic way to highlight the problems the character has toface in his personal life and as athlete but it’s much more than that.

itdiscovered and discussed in this comic, that is effect is intuitive, throughthe combination of words and pictures which tell a bigger story if you look closely.The Novel Observes of the mediumby Will Eisner, he says, “in every sense of reading, some graphic novels, and mostgenres, are designed to inform and persuade.  New media call for a “new rhetoric,” one thatincludes visual as well as verbal understanding and ability” Character development Understanding Comics: The Invisible ArtScott McCloud is a cartoonist who explore the medium ofcomic theories and how the historical development has changed throughout theyears and how fundament vocabulary, and various element have been used toartist and writers advantage to create compelling stories and characters and mediumof communication. He also details his understanding of the medium and howpeople have the perception of comic books all wrong in the very start.Visual styleOne key component that he talks in the beginning of the bookis the visual style and content.

He explains how it transcend the way ofthinking through certain art style and how we perceive images on the look andfeel will also processing the panel as animation.”Notice that this definition is strictly neutral on matterof style, Quality or subject matter” – (McCloud, Setting the record Straight , 1993)The understanding of comics is that the artist artwork candictate the meaning the way the story can be told, in terms of tone, qualityand even subject matter. It all boils down to the way the artist feels his/herwork will be perceived by the public eye, creating a reaction hat will be thesole purpose of the way the illustration was drawn. it can also be said thatthe old phrase a picture can tell a 1000 words will come into play, and howScott McCloud explains it is through a theory of sequential visual art. “Each successive frame by frame of a movie is projected onexactly the same space (the screen) while each frame of comic must occupy adifferent space”- (McCloud, Setting the record straight , 1993)Stan lee – How writeto a comic bookStan lee describes character designing in a simple way of thinking,you should think a character, that you have done with before.

Adapting them to theirenvironment is very good way of developing the base concept for their persona. Thecreation of Captain America was a reflection of the unsettled times on 1970sand honing into that was important for the characters personality. One vitalthing to always remember whenever designing a character is having the abilitiesto convince the reader they are looking through the characters eyes.

Getting theirperspective on the way they view the word have been put in. how they alter theway they see good and bad and why.SoftwareWhen I comes to creatingthe illustrations and editing them digitally I know that to be able to producethe best type of work, I have use the best suited software fit the job. While thereis many similar photo manipulating software out there I have narrowed myoptions down to two.

They are considered the best by regular users and content creators;Manga studio and Photoshop are the software I’ve chosen to use.Manga StudioManga studio, consideredone the best software to start out with for beginner comic illustrators, it hasquickly rising to fame and become a household name amongst digital artist. It hasa huge array of feature which are easy to use and is cost effective in the longrun, that being a one-time purchase for the software costing around £85.

  Having easier tools to learn because when youare starting out in the design world you something can easily learn and not barrageyou with complicated features you may never use. Top rated it a90/100- (Top Review, n.d.) “Manga Studio (Clip Studio Paint) is actuallypretty good for the price. It is aimed at comic creators specifically.

One ofthe best features is the 3D Drawing dolls. You can place the doll on the pageand position them in a pose you find difficult to draw, to use as a reference” (Seaman, 2017)Pro ·      It comparable to Photoshop in tools I department,they are easy to learn and will benefit ·       perfectyour page to the finest detail as you can work on the layers individually toimprove ·      It comes with special effect and templates Con ·       The priceranging differs for some versions having a starting price of £80 to £100 ·      The fact you are unable to import and edit text ·      There is no spell check so correcting words Photoshop Recognised as a giant inthe editing field, Adobe Photoshop features are defiantly a cut above the rest.The workflow was an often complaint from average consumer because it was themost overlooked feature but amongst people in the design industry it was a hugeselling point. Quickly becoming popular for designers and artists aspiring. Adaptability is itbiggest feature and t offers the user with a huge expansion feature allowingthe user to add 3rd party tools and brushes to aid them and improvetheir experience. These are called “Plug-ins”.”Adobe Photoshop has themost tools to manipulate photographs and make them the highest quality.

Youwill have to have a tutorial on Adobe Photoshop computer system software tolearn everything about editing”- (Christophe, 2016)Pros ·      Well-designed interface and its endless capabilities·      Many online line tutorial you can find on YouTubeto help with whatever issue you have ·      More capable of producing looking professional artwork,utilising its many features·      Pricing and DiscountsCons ·      While its consider the best for its versatilityit’s not a simple software to understand and use straight out the box·      Difficult for first time users ·      Buying the programme as a stand-alone is impossibleViewing and presentation In terms ofviewing my comic book I am considering using either InDesign or flicker book, bothsoftware help with overall presentation of interactive text. I want to addscrolling animation to my comic, and while I was doing some research flick booktechnology is defiantly something I should look into using. It the common base ofwhat all interactive books use to animate their pages.

It is specifically usedfor kindles and tablets and website that enable you turn pages. Thought the research I’venoticed that there are a lot of element that go into creating a strong narrativewith a comic book and very interesting, what I have discovered will definitelyhelp me in the long run. Elizabeth Sim way of writing is put into a very simpleway that beginners can benefit a lot from it. When it comes to characterdevelopment image contribution, Stan Lee and Scott McCloud play a vital part ofmy understanding of building multilayer character.

Stan lee describes characterdesigning very modestly doing thing like adapting them to their environment is verygood way of developing the base concept for their persona. The overall understandingof comics and artwork shown will dictate the meaning the way the story can betold, in terms of tone, quality and even subject matter. It all boils down tothe way the artist feels his/her work will be perceived by the public eye,creating a reaction. I have learnt a lot of during my in-depth research and I hopecan take it into my final year project.



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