Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Discussion Forum She Think She All That Code switching is termed as the ability to make conversations using language varieties in a single conversation.

This is an indication of multilingual ability brought about by interactions in different cultures. In essence, code switching is termed as using linguistic varieties with consistency of the variety of syntax and phonology of the languages used. Code switching is usually an indication of the emergence of cultures, resulting in a need for the languages to develop and for an understanding between languages.

Code switching affects only individual utterances by use of different words derived form the variety of languages used in communication between individuals. The two women in the literature indicate the ability of the two individuals to use code switching due to the circumstances defined by their interactions. The social context could be termed as the defining factor towards the use of code switching by the two women.

This is an indication that use of code switching is related to the social context of a given social interaction. This is also related to the need by individuals to identify themselves with the variety of languages used in the social interactions. Changes in terms of social settings determine that the use of code switching. Individuals are driven by the need to adapt to new social settings, which use different languages.

This is also an indication of the ability to adopt a new language to gain the ability to interact in the social setting. Essentially code switching is a means of social interaction defined by the specific social setting. Bilingual flexibility indicates the ability of individuals to gain comfort in using any of the variety of languages. Responding Skills Response takes the form of either verbal, non-verbal, intentional or unintentional. This is a means of communication with the response to communication provided by an individual. This is cognitive response in that it indicates the ability of an individual to understand information communicated. Understanding information communicated is an indication of success or ability of an individual to convey information in social interaction.

Successful communication is provided through precise communication of ideas and information. Hence, failure to communicate precisely results in unsuccessful communication between individuals as there is lack of an understanding between individuals. Effective communication is actualized through description and timely communication between individuals. Adequate description of ideas and information in communication is paramount in that it entails providing an individual with adequate information for them to provide feedback. In addition, the time of communicating and idea should be in relation to the context or situation of the ideas communicated. Sad situations are usually not ideal for communicating whereas happy situations are usually ideal for communicating ideas as individuals are willing to listen to and understand each other.

It is, therefore, conclusive that responding is based on the description provided as well as the timing of communication. This enables an individual to make inferences or understanding of the information and ideas communicated by another individual. Communication should be descriptive to ensure that there is also timely communication in terms of provision of responses to ideas communicated. This ensures that there is the presence of understanding of the ideas communicated. Lack of description and imperfect timing in communication might result in unsuccessful communication.


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