Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Discussion Question Assignment Week 1 Question 1 a) The phrases, “to develop a comprehensive, hard-hitting approach” and “giving personal support to this important effort” in the memo contain hidden meanings. The memo did not say that Franklyn had been promoted to his new position. This is because the writers of the memo sought to clarify the real meaning behind the promotion of Franklyn as the new corporate director. b) Indeed, phrases such as “been named to”, “to develop a comprehensive, hard-hitting approach” and “giving personal support to this important effort” implied hidden meanings during the initial reading of the memo.

c) Various memos that I read in the past indeed depicted hidden meanings. Most of these memos were usually constructed to conceal the real motives behind certain management decisions. For instance, memos that implied the appointment of an employee with no coinciding qualification were the most that contained hidden meanings. Presently, I would interpret them differently. Question Two a) To an extent, I agree with Stanley’s analysis on the management’s decision to appoint Franklyn as the new Corporate Director for Safety Programs.

b) Yes. Similar changes can be identified in the university. For instance, various departments have been introduced that perform specific duties. Usually, the university management relocates its own employees from one department to another in order to maintain loyalty thus avoiding hiring new employees.

c) The company avoids indicating Ben’s coerced removal from office because it does not want to reveal the hidden motive behind its decisions. Moreover, informing the staff members that Ben had been forcefully removed would indicate that the firm is engaging in malicious activities and that Ben was against such activities from being practiced due to his ethical background. Question Three a) The memo might contain hidden messages such as “implementing a flexible approach”, “personnel action scrutiny” and “minimize the likelihood of adversely impacting”. b) Regarding the president’s management style and executive counsel, the memo expresses an autocratic style of management in which the decisions are made by the president and the counsel without involving the staff’s contribution to such decisions.

c) The organization does not want to indicate the real problems being faced by the organization. Such problems might be due to the macro economical environment or just retention strategies that will cut on costs of employing new personnel.


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