The article “Adapting Strategies of effective instruction for culturally diverse pre school” by Yamauchi, Seongahand and Nanette, explains the group efforts between the kindergarten and the university educators. They aim to adapt the (CREDE) standards. This is the Center for Research on Education, Diversity and Excellence. These standards are responsible for enabling efficient teaching methods. These methods can be employed in the early childhood setting. The CREDE principles are tactics that can be employed in teaching the diverse K-12 students. In order to succeed in the implementation of these standards, all the teachers work together towards ensuring the achievement of this implementation (Yamauchi, Seongah, & Nanette, 68).

The teachers involved in this strategy are thirteen kindergarten teachers and two administrators. They used data collection methods such as observation and video recording in collecting information on the teachers’ advice. The CREDE standards will enable competence in the early childhood knowledge. In addition, the children will tremendously benefit from this. This article is informative because all the teachers work together towards improving the EC settings. In doing this, they forget their hierarchies in the various teaching professions. This is because the university educators are always considered higher in the hierarchy as compared to the kindergarten teachers (Yamauchi, Seongah, & Nanette, 60).

The article “Who are today’s Children in a Diverse Society” by Kevin Costley, centers on the topic of the student diversity. The author argues that diversity is there to stay and that it has always existed. However, according to this article, in the 1970s, the word diverse rarely existed. People in those days only knew about multiculturalism. Most of the educators did not realize advantages that could accrue from diversity and multiculturalism. However, with time, the schools have diversified since almost all children go to school. In order to manage the diversity, the teachers are forced to employ new teaching methods. This enables all the diverse students to understand them. Compared to the past, today the population is more diverse. This article is interesting since it portrays diversity as a challenge to today’s world education system. The teachers experience challenges while teaching due to the diverse students. The idea of having to change the ways of teaching due to diversity is intriguing (Costley, 4).

The article “The Impact of Cultural Immersion on the Perceptions of Teachers Education” by Jennifer Waddell centers on the teacher’s education program that has enabled preparation for the teachers’ before teaching in the urban schools. The author describes the programs undertaken and the survey that reveals its impact on community immersion, working with families and communities. These impacts are related to the teachers view concerning teaching in the urban communities. The racial population in the public schools has changed with time. Because of this diversity, the teacher’s preparation program is required to prepare teachers for the challenges they are yet to experience in teaching the urban schools. This article is interesting because it makes the reader realize that diversity is a great thing that can cause challenges. In addition, the readers realize that in order to deal with diversity, the teachers have to be prepared psychologically. They have to go through a program in order for them to handle it effectively (Waddell, 30).

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