Do you know that 56% of employers stated that stress was an issue for their employees to a large extent? According to research it is shown that stress is a big component companies face as an issue.As the years goes by, stress has become part of a daily modern life problem. Under biological context, stress is a physical, mental and emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension. It can occur by both internal and external, internal being medication or medical procedures whereas external being environmental or social settings. Factors that can cause stress are, bad family environment, workplace related stress, illness and loss of control over life.The common myth is that stress is bad and harmful, but the fact is that a little bit of stress helps a person to stay focused and further motivated to try out new challenges in the workplace. The common causes of workplace stress will pressure to perform to meet the deadlines and the rising expectations of the corporations, overtime due to lack of manpower, fear of getting fired and lack of organising workload. There are some symptoms and signs that we can use to identify workplace stress. Some common ones are, fatigue, easily irritable, social withdrawal and trouble concentrating.In the case of Maria, she shows negative emotions, stress and emotional pressures at work. We can conclude that she is feeling such ways due to the above-mentioned scenarios. Coronary heart disease refers to the narrowing of the coronary of the arteries. The arteries are blood vessels that supply oxygen and blood to the heart. CHD usually occurs when the cholesterol accumulates on the artery wall and starts to create a waxy substance also known as plagues. As the arteries narrow, it reduces the blood flow to the heart and forms clots which then obstructs the flow of blood to the heart muscle.Women and Coronary Heart Diseases(CHD) are connected in the terms that, women who are in developed countries are at high risk of getting such disease. The only difference in male and female is that women produces a hormone called estrogen that prevents CHD from occurring early but the risk of getting it increase after a female reaches menopause. The negative emotions shown by her can cause a risk for metabolic syndrome.In conclusion, what Maria can do is just like what her colleague, Tandra said, she should get an appointment to see the doctor and he or she can identify the issue, or some other things Maria can do will be turn to a fellow trusted co-worker for support, exercise regularly, get enough sleep the night before to feel energetic and to take regular breaks in between work. This will help her feel better and motivated to perform her task well. If she feels like she her workload is too much or she cannot commit to the task given, she should consult and communicate with her employer and talk to them about what is affecting her and if there are other means that the employer can do to reduce the toll on her.


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