Document title       Author name Course title Date                          Executive Summary Marshall Bruce Mathers III, widly reputed as Eminem, is known by many, however comprehended by just few. This individual brand review tries to give some comprehension of the craftsman’s biography. It requires a brand inventory and in addition a brand exploratory to feature the individual brand. Eminently, Eminem’s Brand position is mapped against one of his real adversaries, Shawn Corey Carter, otherwise known as Jay-Z.

In talking about the view of enthusiasts of the Eminem, a mental guide following Keller’s Brand Equity model will be helpful to perceive the brand value. The Eminem individual brand has been perceived as having a generally high brand resonance particularly via online media and digital music administrations, for example, Soundcloud, Spotify etc.                           Contents Executive Summary. 1 Introduction. 3 History. 3 Brand Inventory.

3 Brand products and services. 4 Brand Elements. 4 Brand Equity and Pricing.

5 Brand innovation. 5 Brand Distribution and Advertising. 5 Brand Exploratory. 6 Consumer knowledge. 6 Competitive Analysis. 6 Brand Resonance Pyramid. 7 Strategic Positioning. 9 Brand Mantra.

9 Points of Parity –. 9 Points of Differentiation (from his immediate competitors). 9 Summary. 10 Situational Analysis. 10 SWOT.

10 Strategic Brand Challenges. 10 Objectives and strategies. 10 Objectives. 10 Brand positioning. 10 Marketing Mix. 11 Recommended Action Plans in Future. 11 Conclusion. 12 References.

13    Introduction A brand is a “name, term, outline, image, or any other component that distinguishes one vendor’s good or serivce as unique and distinct from those of different merchants” . A brand is a character; it is the special identity of an product/service, which recognizes one item from another. According to Kotler, individuals can be considered as a brand as the customary promoting exercises used for items and services, can be connected to people and thoughts. Individuals, and in addition items, can be related with a logo, symbols  and brand values, thoughts, or recent experiences and remarks that make a particular brand picture in purchasers’ psyches. A brand image is made up of observations and judgements that purchasers have about their individual experience of the brand. Through an aggregation of encounters, customers retain brand properties and segments, which can inspire and reflect feelings and desires. Likewise with product brand, individual brand should be clear and consistent with the exercises as the brand personality heavily relies upon these viewpoints. Individual brand personality depends on the internal attributes of the individual and the external components that make the person uniqye in connection to the targeted market.

 History Eminem was conceived in 1972 in St. Joseph, USA. As a teenager, he settled down in Detroit, which turned into the place where he grew up.

He is famously known by his Alter Ego ‘Slim Shady’, as an American rapper, record producer, lyricist and actor (ShadyRecord, 2015). Eminem had a difficult childhood and a nomadic way of life, which have left an immense effect on his personality. Be that as it may, this has shaped one of his qualities of character and style, which empowered him to effectively draw in his fans and create brand resonance. The motivation behind this investigation is to lead a brand audit keeping in mind the end goal to inspect and survey the soundness of the Eminem brand, understand the sources of brand equity and lastly propose methods for keeping up and enhancing its value. This audit intends to introduce a structure of the components expected to make and maintain a brand equity like Eminem. Brand Inventory Eminem began rapping at 14 years old with a companion from secondary school. He later on adopted the name of “M&M”, and soon reformed it to  into Eminem. Under this name, he started partaking in rap battles, whereby rappers were extemporizing rap verses to degrade or defeat the competitor by shaming them.

 At first, the crowd, with a large African-American dominance, did not accept him. But rather soon, his verbal sparring skills, gained the rapper, the reputation for being the most regarded character in rap industry. Eminem soon rose up the ladder, to be honoured as one of the best selling artists of 2000s, in the world.  Awarded as one of the best artist of all times, by several magazines, the rapper has many number-one albums on the Billboard 200. Eminem’s album had a sales of more than 49.

1 million in the US and 100 million around the world. The rapper is fast, flexible, unorthodox and versatile to deliver narratives and pull off shriveling riff. On account of his guide and maker, Andre Romelle Youthful (otherwise known as Dr. Dre), who gave music ready to coordinate the brutal style and humorous rhapsodies, Eminem promoted the pop culture by gathering both basic regard and sales. Eminem has been awarded with 13 Grammy Awards, the highest honorary award in music industry, in his profession which includes albums and single tracks.

He has differentiated himself by indulging in other endeavors, like: (I)                Shade 45, the uncensored hip-hop radio channel by Eminem and other contemporary rappers like Dr. Dre and 50 Cent.(II)              Shady Records, his own record label, with Paul Rosenberg as manager.In 2002, Eminem made his debut in Hollywood, starting his acting career by starring in ‘8Mile’ depicting his pre-fame life and early life struggles. Eminem was acknowledged for his role and   the soundtrack “Lose Yourself” featured in the film, went on to win the Academy Awards for Best Original song, which made him the first rapper ever to be awarded with such an award. Brand products and servicesEminem has a portfolio with a repertoire of many albums, both as a single artist as well as in collaboration with other artist. He also has video albums with many other video producers, and also under his own production house.

Apart from albums, he has many singles which he produces in between in album production to keep the audience involved and to maintain brand recall. Singles are produced at times, as a way of reacting and responding to the social or political issues prevailing in the country or the world during that period.  Studio albums 9 Compilation albums 8 Video albums 5 Music videos 57 EPs 1 Singles 46 Brand ElementsBrand elements can be defined as those trademark notions that help to identify and differentiate the brand from its competitors. Brand elements for Eminem includes the brand name, logo and symbol, record label, etc.  Brand Equity and PricingFrom inception, Eminem’s career was successful and earned him name and fame along with huge profits. The aggregate number of albums sold worldwide till date, adds up to a magnanimous 172,000,000.

Eminem is expected to value £137 million, which includes all his belongings, salaries, contracts, records etc., as calculated by several magazines, including ‘The Richest’. Since 2009, Eminem’s hit album ‘The Relapse’ made him even more famous with a sale touching 5 million copies worldwide, and increasing his earning from £10 million to £20 million within a short span in 2015.

The expansion in Eminem’s fame and earning is an indication of an increase in fan following throughout the years, since his debut single The Slim Shady LP (first Album,1999). Eminem strongly held onto his Brand Mantra of authentic and sharp rap, holding onto his style and brand image, even after maturing over time. Brand innovationGrowing from strength to strength, Eminem has utilized different strategic moves to enhance his image and have an upper hand in the hip-hop world. The rapper has utilized many online social platforms like YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Songcloud and TV ads to expand the reach to his audience. He made a spot in collaboration with car manufacturer Chrysler, which captured the audience who felt it genuine and powerful, as it had a strong connection between Eminem and Detroit, his hometown.

 Eminem also partnered with a successful videogame, ‘Call of Dunty: Ghosts’, which turned out to be significant move as people were very passionate about it.. The core image of Eminem i.e. aggression, suits well with the nature of the game, thus fitting well and enhancing the partnership.

Initially integrating his music into the game, he developed a music video ‘Survival’ in 2013, for the game.. The association has been fortified and turned profitable for the two brands. Eminem has been very selective while decing his future collaborations.

His latest collaboration with Rihanna for the song ‘Love the Way You Lie’, to address a burning sensitive topic of domestic violence, was very successful and appreciated by the audience, making it #1 on the Billboard for seven consecutive weeks. A duet with Sir Elton John at the Grammy Awards in 2001, was effective in handling the “homophobe”, through the verses of his lyrics Brand Distribution and AdvertisingEminem produces his songs and albums in his record room, and then the inventory is ready for distribution. Eminem has come with partnership with many online channels like Spotify, Soundcloud etc where he can officially release his albums at a premium charge. Also in order to diversify his platform of release, he has contracts with few dealers, both online and offline, for the sales of the albums in form of CDs. He also uses other platforms like concerts, interviews, etc.

to promote his albums. The concert manager, (if it’s not an exclusive Eminem concert), has to pay a heavy premium to promote the latest album song the singer in his concert. Eminem communicates the release of his albums, and the channels through which one can get through all the platforms available to him and from where the inventory shall be available. He also resorts to online social media like Twitter, Instagram etc. to promote and advertise for his albums.Brand ExploratoryThe brand exploratory features the quality and distinctiveness of brand associations and the elements recognizing clients’ knowledge about the brandsIt plays a key role to determine the brand recognition and brand awareness, in turn leading to brand equity. Eminem has utilized his story as the fundamental driver of his brand image and brand equity, and his credibility of rwriting his own lyrics. A mental map can be used to understand the thoughts and perception of the audience regarding Eminem.

It will help the brand in translating the brand assocaitions and deciding the differential reaction to the activities in the market. Consumer knowledge. Brand positioning is about making a special  place for a brand in purchasers’ psyche. Brand equity is strongly  affected by the brand position prevalent in the targeted segment.. For individual branding, the personality and the self presentation determines the brand position. The interaction between the brand and the targeted segment happens through the verses, activites, performances, appearances, behavior, gestures etc. which shapes the perception of the audience and determines the POP and POD with the competitor.

                                                                                                              Competitive Analysis Eminem’s arch rival in the music industry is Jay-Z (rapper and hip-hop businesman, known for music accumen and as husband of a renowned artist, Beyoncé). The fundamental POP and POD beween Eminem and Jay-Z are shown below.  Brand Resonance PyramidWhen analysing the Brand equity of Eminem based on Brand resonanc epyramid, it found to be strong and dominant on both the sides as he has given due importance to both music and the lyrics. He has never shied away his focus from imparting the feelings and emotions assiocaiated with his music., Eminem’s Brand equity are demonstarted in the model along with the key elements.

  The idea of brand equity depends on molding what clients think and feel about the brand by conveying the correct sort of experience with the goal that clients can create positive emotions, perception, feelings and thoughts. The most vital angle to be considered is the general brand attitudes which can influence the brand image and consequently brand perception and reaction to marketing activities. Consumer Loyalty is expected to grow with high brand awareness and a well placed positive brand image. 1.      Salience : It denotes the level of brand awareness of the brand. The audience has a high awareness of the artist in the music industry and as a personality. He is most commonly recalled as irrelevant, violent, drug abuse, fast rap, socio-political issue singer, angry rtc.2.

      Performance : It denotes how well the product meets the customer’s needs. It measures on the notes of empathy, effectiveness. Style etc.  The audience perceives Eminem to be original and genuine. This is further fortified by his Oscar award for Best Original Song.

3.      Imagery : It denotes the satisfaction of the audience on social and psychological level by the brand. Owing to his disturbed childhood, he honed his talent to become successful. Mos tof his tracks are in sync with his personal life. A feeling of rebellion and achievement emancipating from his songs provide a sense of attachment of Eminem with his audience.4.

      Judgements : It denotes the judgement based on credibility, quality, superiority etc. Eminem is percieved by the audience to be versatile, poweful yet fluid, abusive yet direct. He is seen as a person who is a leader in his own field.

He is recalled for high quality of performance.5.      Feelings : It describes what feelings the brand evokes in the audience heart. On listening to the songs of Eminem, the fans see themselves by sharing feelings and experiences. They self introspect and the feeling of loneliness diminshes as they feel he understands what they feel, hitting on to an instant heart connect.

6.      Resonance : This denotes the customers feeling of deep psychological connect with the brand. It invokes brand loyalty.

The customers follow the brand religiously, either in social media or through some other means. Customers show high brand loyalty towards Eminem which is evident by high rate of repeat purchase of concert tickets, album downloads etc. Eminem also has high number of followers on different social media platforms.       Strategic PositioningBrand MantraThe brand mantra (Essence of the Brand) enables the brand and targeted market to create channels and differentiate what the brand stands for, thus its position in the market.

Eminem’s image mantra helped him to create a value proposition that is imparted to the targeted market and demonstrate the competitive superiority. The brand mantra is communicated through a short expression that describes the brand positioning. Eminem’s image mantra stresses on making the fans experience the sharp and bitter reality of the street life through his induplicable raps. Eminem has tried to attract his audience by representing his identity through magazines, interviews etc, but mainly through his lyrics and verses. In hip hop culture, the artists generally leverage on their unstable and vulnerable upbringing to inspire them to write lyrics to fame. Points of Parity – ·         Both the srtists had a difficult childhoof and faced problems leaving a permanent dent on their personlaities.

·         Both have thier own record labels (Eminem – Shady Records ; Jay Z – Roc-A-Fella Records)·         Both have their own brand values and merchandises related to their personality and individuality. Points of Differentiation (from his immediate competitors) ·         Lyrics style – While Jay Z is structured and focuses on daily topics, Eminem is irrelevant most of the times, but quick and striagtforward. Eminem also indulges in political and social topics.·         Vocab Usage – While Jay Z sticks to his own vocab world, Eminem tries to expand his vocab reach and uses it to express his feelings and stress on his opinions.

He also holds record for using most number of words for music, in his carreer.(8818 words in 100 songs)·         Oratory – While Jay Z is averse from media and is not able to leave a mark in a social gathering, Eminem is a versatile orator and binds the listener leaving a permanent amrk on his psyche.       Summary Situational AnalysisSWOT Strategic Brand Challenges·         How to increase the brand awareness in the audience?·         Recognition of the potential market·         Increase the targeted audience and reaching out to themObjectives and strategiesObjectives·         Increasing the fan base·         Increasing the Retention rate·         Increasing the brand awareness Brand positioning·         Listen to music to distract from the problems of life and frustration·         Channelise your anger and frustration·         Energetic concerts·         Stand out for socio-political cause   Marketing Mix  Recommended Action Plans in Future·         Work on a new album and release it in the upcoming months. This shall ensure a flow of release of albums and a continued brand recall and awareness in the public. Also a new album release near the end of the year ensures higher sales due to holiday season.·         Conduct a concert tour in different places.

He should try and have concerts at places where he has never been to, along with his regular concert sites. This shall increase the public turnover and will increase the fan following of the artist.·         Loyalty programme can be induced to customers who are regular customers of the album of the artist from a same platform. This will increase the participation of his fans and will lead to a higher retention rate.

·         Websites can be redesigned to reach to maximum number of people, and to attract other potential customers.    Conclusion The brand audit on Eminem highlights the relevance anad importance of understanding brands othar than the common assumption of MNCs. It particularly exhibits the utilization of branding to different fragments of society including individual branding. The instance of “Brand Eminem” shows how anything can be branded. Eminem can tap onyo many missed opprtunities and gaps which can be explored further in times ahead which prominently can be the reexamination of Eminem to be in sync with his intended audience. His coordinated effort with Elton John, for lending out a voice for the LGBT people group, is an exhibit of winning back equality amongst diversity amongst the conscious audiences, with a goal to strengthen his brand equity.

Eminem would need to consolidate on his “Duets”, particularly with any semblance of Gwen Stefani who is less dubious and less infamous than Eminem, keeping in mind the end goal to win her fans over and, in this way, broaden his own fan base.  There are other doors which are open, which go past music industry, for example, the brand association with sports identities – eminently Michael Jordan, the brand ambassador of Nike, who has the fundamental capacity to debut Eminem into basketball world by some co-branding deals or some contracts between Eminem and sporting world..

Obviously such activities would upgrade the brand’s prospects to reach and attract to a significantly more extensive gathering of people past his forte “gangsta rap” – and particularly spreading out to the retail and fashion markets donning the footsteps of other artistes – Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham of the Spice girls etc. In spite of the fact that the above proposals may be more businesslike ways to deal with the reinvention of the “Eminem Brand,” there are restrictions on the amount of this ground has been shrouded over the span of this investigation. As a matter of first importance, and for the motivations behind the brand review on Eminem, the comparision with rapper Jay Z, won’t do much justice.

Rather the nearest competitor could have been Dr. Dre, who did not just have a similar Label with Eminem (i.e. Deathrow Records), but at the same time was instrumental in the inception of the brand.  This study, recognizes some key limitations, like the benchmarking with other possible and fruitful specialists like Dr. Dre – Creative mind of the Beats Earphone that has caught the attention of the tech goliath Apple and who was instrumental in the launch of “Brand Eminem.

” There are similarly others, for example, Kanye West, who has been investigated side by Jay Z, and how this may be a conceivable expansion to the arsenal of investigating a hip-hop Brand equity and its engagement with targeted audiences. In any case, amplifying the targeted market and expanding the brand awareness may be considered as brand challenges; thus, persistent strategic market investigations ought to be led as they will enable Eminem to comprehend the request and music trend of the market, and how these can influence his individual image. Taking everything into account, the study has talked about and portrayed what is going on to the Eminem brand, in addition to the reasons as to why it is going on. With a specific end goal to keep up and increase his brand equity, Eminem has set up few short term objectives like increasing brand awareness by reaching out to maximum audiences through different channels and platforms.


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