Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Domestic Violence One in four women and one in seven men are victims of physical violence by intimate partners. About 81% of women who have experienced physical violence from their intimate partners suffer short term and long-term effects, which include post traumatic stress disorder. Twelve million Americans, both men and women, have suffered sexual violence from their intimate partners (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). These statistics are a reflection of the seriousness of incidences of domestic violence in the country. These statistics might not be a true representation of domestic violence in America, since some people prefer not to report incidences of domestic violence. Nolan observes that many people in rural America will hide information concerning domestic violence from the agencies and other organizations. They prefer finding their own solutions to the problems they are facing (Nolan 10). Some people also prefer hiding domestic violence incidences from the authorities out of fear.

Most of the domestic violence cases happen between intimate partners although some cases affect children and elders directly. Incidences of domestic violence occur between intimate partners, who are either living together, or are separated and divorced. It can happen between heterosexual and homosexual partners. Domestic abuse happens when one of the partners tries to control the other through intimidation, instilling fear, and threats. Both men and women are victims of domestic violence, although women make up the most victims. The abuser uses different means to attack his or her partner, and this includes physical injury as well as verbal abuse. Other forms of domestic abuse include sexual abuse and stalking. Domestic violence happens when a person abuses his or her partner physically.

It includes kicking and pushing, biting, punching, beating, hitting, chocking, shaking, burning, confinement, slapping, throwing, bruising, and battering of ones spouse. All these actions lead to the victim suffering physical injuries. In some cases, this violence has resulted to homicide. Victims of domestic violence suffer other problems other than the physical injuries they have. Such problems include depression, anxiety, sleeping problems, low self-esteem and other mental and psychological problems (Benedictis, Jaffe and Segal). People result to domestic violence because of many reasons. The home environment that the abuser was brought up in is a contributing factor. Children who were brought up violent homes will tend to continue with the cycle when they start their own families.

People who were brought up in such a home environment see it as the norm, and it can be hard for them to break the cycle. Other contributing factors include drug and substance abuse. Factors such as stress, anger, depression, jealousy, and economic hardships also contribute to domestic violence. In some cases, spouses provoke each other, and this can lead to incidences of domestic violence (Benedictis, Jaffe and Segal).

Dealing with domestic violence not only concerns the immediate partners, but it also concerns the society. The way the society handles incidences of domestic violence can determine the prevalence of such incidences. Domestic violence will be rampant if the society does not take it seriously. The criminal justice system including the courts, the police and other law enforcers are instrumental in stopping incidences of domestic violence. Treating domestic violence as crimes will ensure that the abuser gets a harsher punishment than treating the incidents as domestic disputes.

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