Donald East criticized the American decision, but also

Donald Trump, the president of the United States will
declare recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, is what the
employees of the president have said. This can lead to unpredictable
consequences for the Middle East.

was speaking of the beginning of a new strategy to achieve peace. “Today
we finally recognize the obvious fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel,
it is something that needs to be done.”

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The last couple of days, Trump called several leaders
in the Middle East to make his decision clear. This led to extremely angry
reactions in the Middle East. The Palestinian president Abbas warned Trump for
dangerous consequences. After that, Abbas called other world leaders for their
help to change Trump’s mind. Not only the Middle East criticized the American
decision, but also the pope, the EU and individual European state members as
the Netherlands and Russia weren’t happy with the decision Trump has made. They
think that Trump will undermine the peace between a lot of countries by
recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The pope, the EU and individual state members
including the Netherlands and Russia also criticized the decision Trump has
made. Which would undermine the peace process. The city Jerusalem is a holy
place for not only Jewish people, cut also for Christians and Muslims. That is
why this is a controversial issue in the conflict between Israel and the

 After the
announcement it did not take long for the people to stand up and demonstrate on
Wednesday. For example, in Gaza and the West Bank, people went out on the
streets to express their dissatisfaction towards the American decision.

Many Muslims demonstrated after the Friday prayer and
not only in Israel. They were also protests taking place  in Turkey and Jordan.

The movement for calls on Arabs and Muslims in the
Middle East to “undermine” the United States, according to Ismail
Haniyeh. Trump’s decision “opens the doors of hell for American interests
in the region,” says Hamas. Hamas leader Ismaïl Haniyeh says that Trump
“can not change the historical and geographical facts”. “The
Palestinians know how to respond to their contempt for their feelings and
sanctuaries.” On Thursday morning, Haniyeh said that the Palestinians must
rebel against Israel: “We will have to call and work on an intifada
against our Zionist enemy.”