“Don’t forget DEEPNA MEHTA is truly, madly and deeply in love with you  KANISHK UPRETI”KanishK…..I don’t know where to start. So, let me just say Baby I love you, you are the most magical experience of my life. Trust me I am realizing that this month I have been so annoying to you. I really want to act sensible but out of what I behave the same and again. I know it is entire my mistake. And still I am continuing with it… I’ve mistreated you, spoke to you badly, texted you wrong and still you stayed, came to meet me and be by my side. I’m sorry it took me too long to realize that I need to apologize that I am acting weird.Kanishk writing this to you let me into tears; you know, what hurts more is the fact that I shower my anger on you. The moment you depart is so tough for me to handle. Every time I do this deep down I realize that I am wrong but I never cover up with my mistake. Sorry KUNA BHUNTRUU.It is that time of the month. I’m not a big girl and I’m not small.  I’m right in the middle. And so here I am, in this maddening dilemma that is just a vicious cycle feeling utterly fat and disgusting and unloved. Your help is needed during this time.  As much as I love you I don’t even love chocolates that much baby. Baby I am craving for you rather chocolates this time during my bad days. So I am acting weird, mean and insensitive. I am under too much stress or not in my right mind when you are away from me. My mood swings they seem more like axial changing swings that can alter atmospheric conditions and global positioning. Even when you have done nothing but be your sweet and supportive self I picked anger on you. All I ask of you during this time is to be quiet but not too quiet.  Be supportive but not too supportive.  I know it sounds a bit of a crap but I don’t know what I need from you right now. I know that you love me, you will find a way. Just know that by the end of this I will return to the girl you love to love. I feel angry at myself for destroying something that was so amazing and so unique. I missed the hug today from my baby monster all because of my anger. I am so sorry for acting this way. Bhuntruu I’m more than just my moods and I love you. I’m way aware of my feelings but   I don’t know exactly how to control them. I know I shouldn’t be mad at you, or frustrated just give me time and I promise my heart will be good again. No matter what you’re the only constant I want every single day.I love you, not because you continuously let me take my moods out on you but because you give me a safe space to just be me, moods, and all. So above all, whenever I’m being a bad at you just remember I’m forever grateful to youI’m sorry for being so childish, selfish, passive- and aggressive. I’m sorry for not speaking up when I should have, not being as assertive as I could have been. I love you the only way I know how to love a person.Signing off,DeepnA I’m sorry a thousand gagillion babillion times plus infinity. I hope you never doubt that my moods are temporary and you are forever P.S: Waiting for your written reply this time.


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