Dual Pyramid Dual pyramid is a form of organization, where the lines of authority are two. Health care institutions normally have the dual pyramid organization because of medical staff traditional relationship towards the administrative staff. The institution management in this organization is left under the governing board.

The board then delegates a chief of medical staff and a chief executive officer. The chief executive officer’s duty is to manage the institution’s administrative components and the delegation of authority of each head of the department in the administration. In the units of administration, unified officials make the normal pyramid form of organization The titles used in the setting of a health care include chief of staff, the chief of service, the department chairperson, the medical director and the president of the medical staff. The chief of service is the director of physicians of a particular clinical service. He is also the officer in line for physicians who have been allocated to the particular service. The departmental chairperson is the director of a particular clinical service in an institution of academics, for example, a hospital for teaching.

The name is used in this setting to as a correspondent to chief of service. The medical director is the title for a position in a setting of line authority. It is also viewed as a correspondent of the medical staff chief executive officer. Lastly, the president of the medical staff is the officer in charge of the medical staff. The president is normally in office for a year, through election.

The officer usually takes the role of the coordinating officer of the medical staff, when there is no full-time medical director. In the dual pyramid organization, a lot of coordination is required.


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