During the Verna’s promotions, it was observed that the film will have a good message.

I guess, there is no one who hasn’t seen the movie trailer. If you have seen the trailer, you must have an idea about the main theme of the movie. Verna is based on realistic grounds as we hear and see these kinds of things in our society. What is the movie all about? It is about Rape, women rights in our country, and misplaced family honor. As per fact, the movie is highlighting many of our serious issues but still not hit. What are the potential reasons behind? If you have seen the movie, you can definitely point out all the reasons behind.

The Verna’s theme is out of the ordinary but not its execution.As a matter of fact, the people were expecting a lot from the film due to its cast and director I guess. But unfortunately, it wasn’t as expected because there are many errors in the movie. It could have been much better than this. The film is successful in showing the mentality of country’s politicians. On the other hand, the part of the film that covers the story of the victim failed to do the justice with it. The dialogues failed to impress the audience for the reason that these are very much common. There are a number of straight-talking dialogues in the film but unfortunately a number of others fall entirely flat.

The reason is that the movie characters failed to deliver them the right way. The best thing about any best movie cast is that it makes the audience feel what they say. You don’t feel the dialougs of Verna and that’s it.A number of people are pointing out the family’s reaction of Sara in the movie. As per my opinion, the reaction of her family is quite honest. In our society, a woman is always told to shut up and her family is doing the same in the most typical style.

 But the parents from both sides in the movie are the weakest supporting characters. The movie scripts lack clarity and depth. When talking about the sound track, it wasn’t also much impressive.

Most of the movie scenes don’t have anything played in background and it seems like a TV drama because of this. The best thing about the movie is definitely Mahira Khan but she could make it right as she could perform much better than this. I am really sorry to say that there is no chemistry seen between the characters of Mahira and Haroon. Their love on screen doesn’t seem to be realistic that is why it couldn’t manage to make the audience feel their relation.The performance of Haroon and Shahid are proved to be the worst things about the movie. One important thing to mention here is the Aami’s character, which is poorly etched-out.

 There is a lot more to say in this regard because the movie has lots of deficiencies. It seems that the movie director has spent all of his time in making the Verna’s poster eye-catching. Unfortunately, all the cast as well as the director treated the movie like an adopted son. The film was expected to be a blockbuster but unfortunately it is a big flop.


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