During single message, the advertisements can be different

During 2014, Nescafe India launched an advertising campaign
under the slogan “It all starts with Nescafe.” This two-minute long video has
received more than 290K view and it grabbed the 5th Position in the all-time
ads in India (Naidu,
2014). The campaign message was clear that one should not give up in
life, and by selecting a stand-up comedian is an attempt to connect to the
digitally equipped millennial audience. According to NDTV, this campaign
received close to one million hits in a week (Sanyal, 2014).


campaign is a series of ads for a product (or service or company) that work
individually and cumulatively to communicate the advertiser’s message to the
consumer” (Altstiel
and Grow, 2017). The main point for a campaign is to convey a single message,
the advertisements can be different but the overall message should be the same.

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And this is what Nescafe has done in its campaign. They have introduced their
new campaign which is “It all starts with Nescafe” the two-minute long
advertisement portrays a story of a struggling stand-up comedian who stammers.

The advertisement starts with Hussain Dalal enacting as the main protagonist as
Rishi who tells his journey that starts with rejections. While the world
rejected him as a comedian, but he didn’t fail and turned his weakness into his
strengths. Later on, his friends, families, started supporting him and encouraging
him to pursue stand-up comedy as a career option. Later on, he makes it to a
big stage as a stand-up comedian and makes people laugh. At the end of the
video Rishi gives the credit of his success to Nescafe – by saying “Thank god
for coffee. It kept me go go going and kept you a a awake.” (Naidu, 2014).

Furthermore, we all
know that a coffee doesn’t help you to achieve what you want in real life, but
what he is showing, happens only in reel life. The reason that I have choose
this particular campaign for my assignment is because it is something unique,
and it portrays on real life and how the audience gets influenced by the
advertisement to make a change in their life’s. Also, in order to make the
brand more innovative they initiated a competition to engage prospective
audiences and thus gain their attention, i.e, The campaign looked out for lay
people like Rishi, and told the audience to share their experiences of battling
with the obstacles that life throws by posting it on Twitter with the Hashtag #ItAllStarts
and Nescafe will select the top 50 entries with a suspense.


All Starts” campaign of Nescafe had two campaigning stage. Its first stage by
uploading the two-minute video on YouTube. Which was exclusively for the fans,
but later on the company has published on TV. The second phase was to choose
the 50 stories of different people and promote their #ItAllStarts
campaign by using different promotion methods such as on newspaper, internet, billboards,
as well on TV.  Nescafe mainly focuses on
three social media tools to reach target market which is Facebook, Twitter and
YouTube. The main objective for this campaign was to link Nescafe and
friendship. Nescafe wanted to bring back the idea that coffee is for sharing,
and it uses to increase brand awareness as well as more favorability towards
its consumer. Nescafe was also fighting competition from Starbucks, Bru Coffee,
etc. Starbucks was main competitor among all the other companies, we know that Starbucks
is one of the most famous brand and for Indian’s it’s a luxury coffee brand not
like Nescafe or Bru Coffee. Starbucks has opened its first outlet in Delhi, but
gradually it was expanding, and this was the time for the competitors to create
something strong. Bru Coffee is as old as Nescafe, and in 2014 Bru Coffee has
made advertisement using celebrities whereas Nescafe has change its strategy
and started showing the audience that you can overcome shortcomings if they
decide to do so, just like the way how they have portrayed the stammering
comedian in the advertisement. This indeed was the biggest and bravest movement
for the brand, as they have always had Bollywood actresses and celebrities
endorsing the brand (Naidu, 2014).


Going back to the previous Nescafe advertisements had two
phases, the first phase was where Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone and Actor
Purab Kohli sharing simple happiness in the simplest things in life with a new
tagline “Bring out the best in you.” (Sharma, 2015). The second
phase followed it up with the next campaign talking directly on their emerging
competitors, cafes which were promoting different variants of coffee in
On-trade. Nescafe started teaching the audiences by different names of branded
coffees which were simple to prepare at home, and the tagline was “One Nescafe
many Coffees”. (Sharma, 2015). But as we know when a brand brings celebrities into its
advertising strategies the advertisement gives as sense of trust to the brand
and it also helps to create an opinion. But however sometimes they take away the
core of advertisement, which is the “Taglines”. Taglines are “the catchphrases
that appears after the logo in a print ad or at the end of the commercial, and
in most cases, they are very forgettable.” (Altstiel and Grow, 2017). Because
celebrities take so much attention on advertisements that the message is often
diluted, and as Nescafe was targeting audiences which were age between 24 to 35
years. Therefore, it was the best strategy to create something motivational and
emotional appealing so that the audience gets inspire by consuming the Nescafe
coffee, and that’s when Nescafe used the emotional appeal of stammering
comedian who makes a good life after a long run of struggles, it makes the
brand a part of this long journey “From struggles to success” and therefore it
has directly increased its wider range of consumer compared previously.