Name: Instructor: Course: Date: East Bay field trip plan All deaf or hard of hearing people have problems when it comes to communication and even with these complications, they have different needs. Deaf people have many communication needs that are not easily understood by people with normal hearing abilities. Most deaf people have a standard mode of communication capture in the American Sign Language (ASL) structure. ASL applies the use of facial expression, body language and hands, and this makes the most efficient communication method for deaf communities. In Franks’ case, hiring an interpreter would be the first critical decision to make. The interpreter would be given the responsibility of translating all events for the park visit including the games offered. Specifically, the interpreter can help by being the umpire or referee for the games for the sake of Frank and any other deaf pupils.

In this way, frank can also interpret the different signs in the games and instructions on how to play these games. Frank can also be introduced to games that other deaf people can join. Having a level playing field will make Frank’s tour of the park more comfortable and entertaining. These allocations can enable Frank’s experience in the park a memorable one. Enrique and everyone else Bipolar disorder is a condition that is characterized by quick shifts in moods between cheerfulness and depression. Enrique experiences bipolar disorder and he needed to follow a strict treatment schedule that required him to sleep regularly.

Failure to give Enrique his regular treatment schedule will result in lower productivity and even fatal consequences for Enrique. In this situation, the park management is faced with a dilemma because no member of the staff wanted to fill in for him and they started feeling discontented. This problem can be solved by rescheduling the treatment program for Enrique to fit his working schedule. Enrique can work in shifts that will not affect his sleeping schedule or his treatment.

By taking up this system, Enrique can maintain his job even thoughts it is at a different time. The other employees can reorganize their schedules to fit in with Enrique’s changes. Another option that would help Enrique would be to increase the benefits that the other employees gain from standing in the gaps that Enrique creates. These benefits include increasing the wages for the other employees that will encourage them to work through the weekend. Daniela and the dodge ball Daniella experienced a spinal injury that left her unable to use her lower part of the body. This condition is medically termed as paraplegia and is characterized by the loss of movement and reflexes. Other ramifications include loss of sensory nerves in some parts of the body.

Daniella may have a hard time participating in some physical games such as dodge ball. If she were to participate in the game, it would be risky as it could lead to more injuries. The best recommendation for Daniella would be for her to consider her own situation. She was predominantly disabled and it would prove difficult to play dodge ball.

She could however be placed in a dodge ball game with other paraplegic people. In that case, she could play the game with people who experience the same difficulties as she does. All the paraplegic players could also be instructed that they could play less aggressively. The park management could also provide the children with protective gear that may protect them from unnecessary injuries. Children need to have time to enjoy their childhood. This may include recreational activities such as games and other activities.

Children having disabilities such as bipolar disorder and deafness may have even more difficulties in enjoying such activities. These three instances of children having special needs require unique attention. The park environment offered many different types of risks and care must be taken to provide precautions.


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