Marx and Weber’s Ideas of Class, Power, and

Marxand Weber’s Ideas of Class, Power, and Capitalism Conflict is a natural trait thatcharacterizes interpersonal interactions. Various factors promote thedevelopment and maintenance of this phenomenon. In capitalist populations, thisstruggle is often attributed to the existence of social classes with varyinglevels of access to economic and political resources. Consequently, variousscholars have attempted to examine the interaction between socioeconomicclasses with the aim of understanding the core elements that underpin theoperations of capitalist societies. Concepts posited by Karl Marx and MaxWeber’s provide the most significant insights into this economic form. Due tohis emphasis on both political and economic elements, Weber’s stratification theorypresents a […]

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In the midst of anemergency, you would prefer not to shake some coins out of a piggy bank. Havingfinancial safety net set up can guarantee safety during a financial crisis. Oneapproach to achieve this is by setting up a financial reserve, a pool of accessiblefinances which might help you take care of any upcoming crisis. What amount issufficient? Most financial expertspropose that you need three to a half year of everyday finance as yourfinancial saving. The authentic sum that you have to save ought to be assessedas per your current financial situation. Do you have a home loan? Do you […]

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The Dynamics of External Commercial borrowings. After independence from British, India followed a restrictive economic policy, because the fear of foreign rule hadn’t left us. This led to an inefficient and underdeveloped economy. The changes in world business combined with the economic crisis of 1991 left the government no option but to bring in reforms to open up the economy. This woke up the Indian Organizations as there was a threat to them due to Multi-National Companies coming in and competing with them. The Indian Organizations started venturing into foreign markets in both equity and debt segments. External Commercial Borrowings […]

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By Abigail LevandoskiThe internet exists as a place where users can freely exchange information. Using the internet, we can move and store information as we wish. However, in order to exchange something of value such as money, data or documents, that exchange requires the use of a 3rd party such as a bank, payment processors, auditor, legal services or even notaries. Blockchain, the innovative technology which currently secures the use of the digital currency, bitcoin, will allow users to exchange transactions, in real time without the use of a third party.The problem with intermediaries in exchanges of valueBanks and payment processors […]

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LITERATUREREVIEWSAswe already know, the UK has definitely decided to leave the EU. Our study isabout understanding and predicting the impact of that decision on UK’s exchangerate in the short and long run. Below are different writings and proposedliterature related to our topic that we will try to describe and evaluate basedon our objectives and hypothesis of study.·       InternationalJournal of Financial ResearchDiscussing the terms of exitis still in a primary state with many unknown results and consequences. Directly,after the referendum, the value of the British pound fell against the euro anddollar and has kept on decreasing compared to the period before the […]

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   Introduction:Chad is a Landlocked country in central Africa. It is an LEDC country suffering from poverty, droughts, inadequate structure, healthcare and many more. As of today Chad population is 15.3 mil. Chad Major religion includes Christianity, Muslim and Islam. Chad has became an oil producing nation since 2003. Chad post independence has caused many suffering from violence and instability. Government: Type: RepublicA republic political system let the citizens choose who’s the government. President: Idriss Deby As of 2016 Mr. Deby has started his 5th term as the president of Chad republic. Mr. Deby came to the office in 1990 after […]

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The Haitian Revolution has usually been known as the largest and most successful slave rebellion up to today.  Slaves began the rebellion in 1791 and by 1803 they would succeeded in ending not just slavery but also French control over the colony.  The Haitian Revolution, however, was way more complicated, consisting of many revolutions occurring at the same time. These revolutions were influenced by the French Revolution of 1789, which might come back to represent a brand new concept of human rights, universal citizenship, and participation in government. In the eighteenth century, Saint Domingue, would become France’s richest overseas settlement, […]

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AAPL’s 10K indicates that its exposure to changes ininterest rates primarily relates to its investment portfolio and outstandingdebt. That said, it also indicates that AAPL’s interest income and expense are bothvery much sensitive to fluctuations in U. S. interest rates. Changes in U. S.interest rates will affect AAPL in a couple of ways: a) interest earned on AAPL’scash, cash equivalents and marketable securities, b) fair value of thosesecurities, as well as costs associated with hedging, and finally c) interestpaid on the AAPL’s debt. We can also find from the 10K that AAPL typicallyinvests in highly-rated securities, and the company’s investment […]

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INTRODUCTIONDemonetization is an actwith the intention of economic growth. The high denominated notes printed byRBI Rs 10,000 note was demonetized in January 1964 and again in January 1978.On 8th November 2016 the Govt of India announce the demonetizationof all  ? 500 and  ? 1000 bank notes. Therefore, many partiesare interested to know the movement of various currencies price and commodityprice after demonetization. Hence this study is an attempt to know the changesof foreign exchange market and Indian commodity market because ofdemonetization announcement. The purpose of this studyis to help the investors by providing detailed information about the effect ofdemonetization period. […]

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While today’s burglary statistics show an overall decreasein burglary rates, thousands of homes (roughly 325,000) arestill being broken into every year – often in plain view, duringthe day. In fact, property crimes in 2017 resulted in lossesestimated at $14.3 billion. Police solve only 13% of reportedburglary cases due to lack of witness or physical evidence.This model eliminates the problem with high security in twoways. First is the breaking of house doors and next is breakingfrom roof top and underground tunneling thefts. If any personstands in front of the house for more than a prescribed time itis sensed by a PIR […]

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