1) countries involved in the trading blocks, and

1) What isglobalization? What was the largest factor or driver of globalization? Whatother factors enabled the increase in globalization that has occurred in thepast 20 years?Globalization is restyleour lives and driving us into strange domain. As new advancements drive downthe cost of worldwide correspondence and travel, we are progressively presentedto the attributes and practices of different societies. As nations reduce restrictionsto exchange and theory, globalization powers their ventures to develop morefocused in the event that they are to carry on. What’s more, as worldwide fromcutting edge nations and developing markets search out clients, rivalryincreases on a worldwide scale. These new […]

Carl and necessity that the scientific process has

Carl Sagan’s work “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark” outlines instances in which the larger role of science is questioned and society’ responsibility in understanding and preserving such a role. He presents the argument that the role that science possess within society goes beyond its typical role as a way of questioning the physical, chemical, or natural universe. Through his chapters, he presented an overarching theme in which the pursuit and process of understanding is in fact more important than the ultimate understanding itself. In particular, each individual chapter presents insight to the role that science […]

Financial to even the basic understanding and access

Financialservices are essential to drive a healthy economy and enable the well-being ofboth households and businesses. Financial Services enable people to save, invest, borrow, improve theirsocial status and protect themselves against risk. Surprisingly, in manycountries and global economies, the many individuals and small businesses lack access to even the basic understandingand access to savings and credit products, which hinders economic growth and propagatespoverty. The ability to have access to financial services has a directcorrelation to economic growth and also reducesincome inequality amongst individuals.Theterm financial exclusion was first coined in 1993 by geographers who were concernedabout limited physical access to banking services […]

The Impact of Globalization on the Economy

The impact of globalization on the economy Globalization is one of the main features of modern society. Today it covers almost all spheres of human activity, and its influence becomes more and more obvious. To talk about the effects of globalization, it is necessary to understand its nature and the factors, sources, which led to its emergence. Today majority of scientists agree that economic globalization “is the increasing economic interdependence of national economies across the world through a rapid increase in cross-border movement of goods, service, technology, and capital”.There are several sources of globalization. The first factor is technological advances. […]

Report on Religious Field Research

Report on Religious Field Research Name: Course: Date: Report on Religious Field Research Islam has been a mystery not only to the western parts of the world but from a global perspective. This distorted view of view of Islam led to varied opinions and perceptions in the public domain about Islam. The misconceptions about Islam are responsible for the various confrontations, which arise between Islam and other religions. Hence, there is a dire need for other religions and the world at large to understand the essence and values upheld by Islam. Islam is similar to other religions in that it […]


Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Issue#1 Speaker 1 Affirmative action is needed in the United States to ensure racial parity in accessing resources and services availed by the government as well as the private sector. Racism is essentially defined as discrimination of individuals merely based on their race and color. Minority populations in the United States face discrimination in access to employment and services such as health, mortgages and financial services (Pierce, 19). Racism is still present in the modern society even though in its overt forms which is socially and legally unacceptable. Racism is exercised in an individual basis in […]

Black Leather Lu

Black Leather Lu Name: Course: Date: Black Leather Lu The narrator, who could be presumed as female, has an ailing father who suffers from diabetes. The narrator is tasked with ensuring the wellbeing of her father who is reliant on medication for survival. Additionally, as the father is not self-reliant the narrator is tasked with taking care of him, ensuring that he has adequate medication and his level of blood sugar evaluated on a daily basis. This would provide the narrator with an elaborate indication in terms of improving health or any signs of deteriorating health thus necessitating the need […]

Al Qatar Gift Shop

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Al Qatar Gift Shop Business description In my discussion, I shall refer to my own business example, Al Qatar Gift Shop. Al Qatar Gift Shop will be a company that will engage in the sale of antiques, unique gifts and other presents. The company will operate primarily within Doha and its environs, but over the next two years, it will have to increase it regional presence to other countries such as Syria, Turkey, Qatar and Lebanon. The company was founded in 2002 by myself, Mr. Mohammed bin Talal, an investor in the importation of antiques from […]

Advancement & Innovation in Wireless Technology

Advancement & Innovation in Wireless Technology Name Course Date Advancement & Innovation in Wireless Technology Various advancements have shaped the 20th century; the most notable one is the advancement in technology. Over the years, the technological field has experienced a fast and vast boost in computer technology, from the onset of the World Wide Web in the 90s, which enabled the globalization of the whole world by forging interconnections between numerous computers and sharing of information between different people. With the advent of portable computing devices, such as notebooks and laptops, as well as the development of mobile devices such […]

Forces of Habit

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Forces of Habit Psychoactive revolution refers to the transformation of everyday consciousness of people through potent means, resulting from the discovery and spread of psychoactive resources. It refers to the globalization of these resources, which include alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, opium, cannabis and coca. The substances were initially confined to specific geographical regions, but they soon spread to other areas of the world. Europeans were responsible for the globalization of most of the commodities because of their exploration and expansion. People had limited and specific uses for the drugs before they spread globally. People in different cultures […]

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