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During the end of World War 1, certain leaders had an urgent need to create an organization to maintain world peace and prevent any more conflicts between nations. Woodrow Wilson (U.S. president at that time) was the one who really insisted for a League of Nations to secure “mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike.” Even though the League of Nations was an incredible idea, its goal wasn’t fulfilled and the league unfortunately failed about two decades later. Eventually, there was another world war (WW2), and another organization called the United Nations was […]

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World Event That Influenced World’s PoliticsIt is without a doubt that the United States elections are often a world event as it attracts both the social and political interests from countries across the globe. The 2016 US elections were not different because they drew political interests of almost all countries around the world. One interesting aspect about these polls is that its campaigns that featured Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had significant political influence both in the United States and the world at large. With this in mind, how did the Donald Trump campaigns and win as the Forty-fifth United […]

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Missouri compromise in 18201 was a piece of legislation setby Henry clay with the intentions to defuse the tensions between AmericasBicameral Parliament , created by Missouris request as slave state. FollowingLouisiana acceptance as a slave state in 1812 there were no other territoriespetioning congress for statehood out of Purchase lands. This was until 1812whereby  request by Missouri , challengedthe stability of both the Senate and the House and through the differentiationin opinions of policies an impasse within the government sparked. As well asgenerating tensions, Missouries admittance being in the trajectory of the freestates marked the beginning of the antebellum period […]

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Would you undermine a game that guarantees in the event that it implied you sparing your own particular life? Gawain would. The vast majority of the plot in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight spins around diversions and difficulties. These diversions make struggle between characters to interest the peruser and drive the plot forward. In each contention, there are more profound fundamental inquiries, difficulties, and affirmations of human action. The diverse sorts of amusements played in the story are utilized to advance ideas, make inquiries, and demonstrate a few focuses about knighthood, grit, and gallantry. Sir Gawain and the Green […]

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This essay will discuss the various factors which influence the rate of evolution. It will focus on evolution as define as how living organisms develop genetically inherited traits, rather than the more general “gradual development of something”. As such we will not be discussing cultural evolution within human populations or adaptive behaviours. Mutation is the key influencer of the rate of evolution. Mutation rate varies between species and even within different cell types in one species due to a variation in how accurate the DNA repair mechanism for error during replication is. For example, human mitochondrial DNA mutates at a rate […]

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Industrial Revolution took place throughout the 18th and 19th century and was led by Great Britain. By the end of the Industrial Revolution, Britain was the world’s wealthiest and leading empire. London replaced Amsterdam of being the largest trading port with the population of over two million while Amsterdam had about 30,000 inhabitants in 1570, which doubled in 1610. Before the Industrial Revolution, trading materials were created at homes, without expensive tools or machines. The 18th and 19th century marked a shift to mass production and valuable machines. Although natural resources and invention ideas were available everywhere in Europe, Great […]

Guess bronze age start. It started 3500 B.C.

Guess what made more types of armor bronze? Bronze is always helping people even people that dont have money if you can find some bronze it is going to be worth at least 2,000$. I said that because it’s true but i have a question for you when did the bronze age start. It started 3500 B.C.  it really saved china. Most of the people in the war where wearing bronze and metal. Ancient china and bronze got real famous when they started to trade with other civilizations.              Copper and tin make it look like bronze. Bronze age-was a […]

Transparency It’s the transparency of your employer brand

Transparency matters to your employer brand. The reputation of your organizations as an employer is your employer brand. The difference between an empty nest and a flow of talented candidate depends on how strong your employer brand is. Top-tier candidates, no matter which post they’re looking to fill, want a clear understanding of your business. Needless to say, there are many competitive job options out there for them to pick from. It’s the transparency of your employer brand that will influence their decision. When choosing their future employers, talented job seekers are now exercising greater discretion. The information age has […]

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I started the research of this paper with intention todevelop it in certain direction, though after finding more and more informationit started developing in completely unexpected direction that changed mypersonal view of today’s geopolitics. The paper reviews the relations between France and itsex African colonies after the decolonization, and the continuation of thesepolitics till the present.It starts with short introduction of the colonizationof French Africa, focuses on French – African relations after thedecolonization, when Colonial Pact was established that lasts till today. Afterwards,it analyzes shortly how the aid programs are helping, or not, the developmentof Africa, and in which way […]

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Evidence 1: 1)     Geographical Location: Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru, 19982)     Chronicle of the event: Coca, the raw material for cocaine, is grown in the countriesof Bolivia, Colombia and Peru. Efforts to eradicate cultivation of this crophave been successful in the following three years. Despite the increasingdemand of cocaine and coca, the governments successfully reduced the supply ona large scale.3)     Breakdown of the event: Most of the coca cultivation in Colombia is inremote regions outside authorities control and often under the influence ofguerrilla and paramilitary forces. This makes eradication and prohibitionoperations difficult. Moreover, without the promise of security in thecountryside, the government is unable […]

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