“Education at continuously monitoring the load conditions of

 “Education is to make up the ability create something that serves humanity”, is my
opinion about studies. In order to create something we need an immense
knowledge ,for it I felt thesis isn’t sufficient but research based thesis is required,
that made me to apply for master’s degree in Electrical Engineering ,where I can
expose myself to research based education.
During my under graduation, I represented my college in national level technical
fests conducted in various colleges through paper presentations on various topics
related to electronics and its applications like latest technology “GPS: Global
Positioning System”.
In 7th semester I did a real time project named “Substation Monitoring and
controlling system with voice alerts”using ARM7LPC2148Microcontroller
andLM35 Temperature sensors.This project aims at continuously monitoring the
load conditions of the substation. It monitors the temperature of substation.If the
load increases beyond the substation rated capacity the microcontroller will
automatically shut down the substation and the voice messages are given through
the speakers, so that we take necessary action immediately. The temperature is
sensed using temperature sensor LM35 and the voltage of the loads through the
measuring circuit consist ARM7LPC2148 microcontroller. Whenever there is raise
in temperature the microcontroller will automatically starts the cooling system to
substation. If there are voltage ratings of load beyond the rated values, the system
shut down the substation.The voice messages are prerecorded in the
microcontroller memory in form of binary so that we can save the substation costly
equipment and human life. In an industrial visit to BHEL (Bharat Heavy
Electronics Limited) the application microprocessors, micro controllers, integrated
circuits add fuel to my interest to study in masters in Electrical Engineering.
In addition to my academics, I was the member of student activity center where the
college events were planned and I lead team with 50 members. In “Thunderion
2k14 “a state level EE department fest in our college, I was the organizing head,
handling the position of managing the technical seminars given by the participants.
For its success we got rewards from our college principal.In addition to my
academicsI am good in indoor as well as outdoor games. I got the 2nd prize in
school level chess competition and 3rd place in college level
chesscompetitionduring my undergraduate. I lead the college football team and
participated in many state level football leagues.Being an active member of street
cause is a non government organization initiated to do social services like helping
the poor during the natural calamities like cyclones, earthquakes and provide
enough knowledge about importance of education to everyone in villages,
organized blood donatingcampaigns for 4 years in various places with help of 125
volunteers. These activities helped me develop inner strength and be a leader as
well as good follower in a team.
After under graduationIfelt it is not sufficient to express myself, so Ibelieve
specialization in particular field of interest of electronics could help me to achieve
my dreams and be in competitive edge in this world. In order to make my dreams
come true I need a university where I can find good mentor, guidanceand an active
research group who supports me. After considering all the available information
and suggestions from various websites, university research publications blogs, I
strongly believe Wright State University is the best one, where I can gain an
ambience of excellence and intellectual atmosphere apartfrom integrated
engineering through the intense interaction with industry and exposure to latest
I feel my association with the university will solidify my knowledge and that will
certainly help me throughout my career. I am confident that I will make significant
remark in my field study.
Thank you so much for giving an opportunity to express myself.