Education is an instrument of
social change and economic development of the nation. The changes in the strategies
of pedagogical techniques should be fulfilling the needs for the present
society.  In the 21st century, the
demands of society seem to be numerous and the search for quality in education.
It includes vision and mission, new strategies for future education and
innovative practices for effective learning and learning.

               The Kothari Commission (1964-1966) states that the fate of India must be shaped in the classroom and best suited to the needs of the development of society and the universalization of education. We need to build up systems that enrich aptitude of educators and educands for the economic prospects in all the aspects also. Education must play a decisive role in the development of national development.               From the meaning, we comprehend that these are systematic activities with a clear purpose. With the evolution of professional practice, standards of professional competence and frameworks that will be developed with Information and Communication Technologies in accordance with the philosophies that govern the theory and practice of education. All this will be completed in a regular procedure however continually constant collectively.               The professional development of the teacher is directly proportional to the pedagogical development. For this purpose, the different models were constructed and established with validity. Among them a model proposed by Hart J (2010) that discusses workplace learning seems useful for understanding several ways of developing teacher professional development in the context of ICT.                 The researchers acknowledged several ways of using ICT in relation to the professional development of teachers that can be grouped into three categories: •         A focus of a study that develops the ability of teachers to use specific ICT tools, such as online platforms.•         Relief system that offers teachers with adequate knowledge for improving teaching methodology.•         Channel for producing innovative methods of teaching and learning.                On the other hand, proficient enhancement in Information and Communication Technology can be set up in three broad segments, particularly•         Learning  to use Information and Communication Technology•         Learning through Information and Communication Technology•         Integration of Information and Communication Technology in teaching and learning of teachers                Today, the whole world is moving rapidly towards digitization, and we need to learn new things using new technologies. No doubt that all electronic gadgets are affecting all parts of our lives.  Few years ago, we know that we exhausted time in the library to get information about books and magazines. We search for information on web pages today.  Access to information has become very simple because of sharing information on the World Wide Web. The teachers are determining the eminence of the process of educating and grasping. Well integrated teachers with the adequate technological knowledge and commitment can build up scientific thinking, endorse patience and build up intellectual values. Innovative technologies will enable this to be achieved with new ways for teachers but the teachers need to know how to use these new modern technologies in their educational systems. This gleaming rebellion presents challenges for teachers and educators in the use of technology in a inventive and dynamic way. In the beginning, teachers should have ICT skills, for which teachers should be trained for ICT. This study provides the level of attitudes of teacher educators towards ICT and their ICT-based competence, in order to ensure that this area is not cared for future improvements in teacher training programs.


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