Educationhas changed in variety of ways throughout history and is constantly evolving intheir many aspects of subjects such as math, science, literature, andhumanities. Everyday new ideas are brainstormed to increase the advancement ofthe brain meaning, to think more critically, independently, and profoundly.There is no right or wrong implication of a “True Education,” there are manyways to evaluate the point of views of this prompt to better a person’slearning ability to further their education to become successful. In my opinionI believe a “True Education” is to gain knowledge of real life situations andhow to become independently successful with skills and criteria you haveexperienced personally and professionally. Yes, you should be taught the fourimportant basic subjects (math, science, literature, and humanities), but Idisagree that this is what a student should onlybe taught through K-12 grade. I strongly believe a student should be taughtreal life scenarios, such as how to pay taxes, apply for jobs, pay bills, andhow to socially interact.             My interpretations of Ralph Emersoneducational strategy is taking it step by step creating that practice making ahabit and everyday concept, where the student as well as the teacher learn andevolve the educational path. As he stated, “when one learns the use of tools,it is easy to work at a new craft”.

Which reinforces my belief that asimportant it is to learn the mechanics of the four basic subjects, it becomingcritical to have real life experience that put great value to the corecurriculum we learn in the hall of education, while still allowing us to learnthrough trial and error is still our greatest educator. Emerson described thevirtue of been an educator as part of nature bring the true sense within onesoul to touch each and every individual with a thought, creativity, pulsing energythat borders our society.             The concept of educating has manyroads and methods; in the story Sedaris the educator as used sarcasms, ridiculeand constant belittling, which was her technique to create concern andawareness on their education and the importance of properly practicing theFrench language in everyday life and not only in class. There are many methodson how an educator will introduce and create a lesson plan, but withconstructive outcome in this case learning the love of a language understandthe sound of a vowel, and meaning of a word outside our primary language.

Thebiggest point of his story that make me believe that education is an endlessactions or behaviors regardless of age, educational level the mind and soul canabsorb new ideas, mechanics, and use them in society, while still understandingthat it takes time and effort to build our mechanics when it comes to learningsomething new will open our world.             The civil right movement is an erain our time that has some great victories, as well as time we are not so proudin our nation’s actions or practices. James Baldwin talked about practice, theenvironment, thoughts and society its self how it affect the educational growthof a black boy or individual as social experiences were their teacher andopening their conscious to their true education.

We as children truly don’tunderstand the full aspect of life and we go through life picking a piece at atime, as a parent we strive to put a good values into our children and hopefullyraise them to be a productive  part of society.As Baldwin inference that ” the purpose of education, finally, is to create ina person the ability to look at the world for himself, to make his owndecision, to say to himself this is black or this is white, to decide forhimself whether there is a god in heaven or not”. Education also comes fromquestions, evaluating society and our own environment creating that need forchange and making the decision to challenge it.

I think what Baldwin was tryingto get across in this articles was regardless of what society or socialstandard you are subject to or born in that we ourselves can decide to acceptor fight for change, creating that need to challenge the stereotyping,mentalities and overall the society we live in now for us as individuals tomove forward and have a powerful impact on our society.             To conclude my synthesis essay,though there are a numerous amount of perspectives on how an education systemshould be administered, the main focus of how an education system should begiven is how it is beneficiary to the child. Furthermore, the requirement ofacademic classes appointed to each young individual should be established toteach them real world situations including the four important basic subjects (math,science, literature, and humanities). Additionally the goal of a “TrueEducation” should be to expand the child’s intellectual credibility, creativityand dedication.



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