Education functions as a keystone in modifying and upliftingthe society.

The core values an educationist should possess includesexcellence, truthfulness, dignity, empathy and student focus. A teacher, afacilitator, can play an important role in nurturing these positive aspects ina student. To me a teacher should be a pillar of strength, motivation andguidance.

I teach Physics to a group of students of mixed abilities inthe senior secondary level. My primary aim is to instill and nurture aninterest in the subject. I keep in mind a child centric approach while planningthe lessons and try to make it enjoyable so as to foster learning.

 The academic performance of my students is myresponsibility. In order to improve that I resort to different constructivemethodologies of teaching. I adopt differential teaching and learning in myclassroom with a plethora of activities. Different methods of assessment willhelp me analyse the academic progress of students.

This gives the confidence tozero in on methodologies that worked well or helps me change the techniques ofteaching. I strongly believe in the role of a teacher as a facilitatoror guide. The teaching- learning process should not be dominated by theteacher. Rather, the teacher should be instrumental in constructing situationswhich will turn out beneficial for students to develop critical thinking and arationalised approach. A classroom should be a positive place to learn, imbibeand grow. For this, there should be an environment of mutual respect betweenthe teacher and the students. It is likely that all students may not agree withme on certain points.

This often triggers a productive discussion where Irespect their view points. To ascertain these points, I draw my values from’Social reconstruction’ approach. I acknowledge the positives of culturaltransmission as the knowledge and wisdom accumulated over the years need to betransmitted. Though I won’t agree with all the insights highlighted by’GNP code’, a well-trained and motivated workforce is essential for theupliftment of any country.

So I try steering the thoughts of my students in adirection that will help them choose a career path which turns out to bebeneficial for the society. 


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