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One of the most important developmental periods is the transition from early childhood to formal education (Duncan, McClelland, & Acock, 2017), it can be very challenging because of cognitive abilities, learning context and individual experiences change (Lo, Chen, & Lin, 2017). In this period academic achievement has a huge impact on self-concept, motivation, and diligence of children (Jayanthi, Balakrishnan, Ching, Latiff, & Nasirudeen, 2014). Some preconditions must exist for the children’s success in educational textures, For example, the ability to deal with conceptual and abstract problems, as well as critical thinking, are important academic preconditions (Luong, et al. , 2017). […]

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Conclusions          Based on thedata gathered, the age of the respondents is in accordance with the age norm ofgrade12 learners. The overall weighted mean of level of attitude towardsmathematics was 2.62 and interpreted as “highly positive”. Study habits had anaverage weighted mean of 2.54 and interpreted as “seldom”. School satisfactionand school pressure had an average of 2. 78 and 2.59 respectively and isinterpreted  as “moderate”. These profileof the learners points out that they have inclination in Mathematics. This mayserves as springboards in teaching-learning process.           In terms of level of performance ofthe learner inMathematics, the learners obtained the mean grade of […]

The performance academically. Social media is negatively associated

Theinternet has undergone rapid development with significant impact on social lifeand on models of communication. Social media refers to the means ofinteractions among people in which they create, share, exchange information,ideas in virtual communities and networks. Students’ academic performance isaffected by a large number of factors the impact of social media on theperformance of student is the most important than any factor.            Social networking sites are nowbeing investigated by numerous social science researchers and an increasingnumber of academic commentators are becoming more and more interested instudying Facebook, Twitter and other social networking services, because oftheir probable impact on academic performance.            […]

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—MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies, Oxford Upon its foundation in 1949, following a ‘century of humiliation’ between the Opium War that began in 1840 and the end of the Second World War, People’s Republic of China remained poor, undeveloped and isolated from the rest of the world. Until 1978, when economic reform was implemented, China ushered in a fast-developing new era. Since then, China has been undergoing a social transformation of which the scope, rapidity and impact are unprecedented in human history, which has brought earthshaking changes in China’s politics, economy, culture and society. In other words, China is rising […]

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I am writing to petition for reinstatement at University of Maryland University College. I was recently academically dismissed from the school due to my failure in maintaining a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above. My dismissal from the school did not come as a surprise but I was nonetheless devastated to receive the news. I hope that you please consider reinstating me for the summer 2018 semester. I have nothing and no one to blame for my past academic performance and I take full responsibility.My poor grades were not due to my inability to study, but are as a result […]


According to their study, Dwyer, K., Osher, D., & Warger, C. (2006)state that “Noneof these signs alone is sufficient for predicting aggression and violence.”. Moreover, it is inappropriate and potentiallyharmful to use the early warning signs as a checklist against which to measureindividual children. Rather, the early warning signs are offered only as an aidin identifying and referring children who may need help. School communitiesmust ensure that staff and students use the early warning signs only foridentification and referral purposes only trained professionals should makediagnoses in consultation with the child’s parents or guardian. The following early warning signs are presented […]

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            Jani, a five-year-old girl, physically attacked her infant brother because “Wednesday”, a rat, told her to hit him and it would not stop biting her until she complies. Wednesday was only one of Jani’s over a hundred hallucinations from her imaginary world she calls Calalini, according to an article from Oprah in 2009. Jani’s friend from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) psychiatric ward, Becca Stancil, has also been having hallucinations for years. She has been seeing terrifying creatures like wolves as indicated by Stohler (2011), and particularly, a six-foot tall man who […]

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, conducted on secondary students in a Dutch school. It focused on schoolperformance regarding leisure reading but with a focus on certain aspects. Theresearch concentrated on leisure reading regarding personal enjoyment, mentalimagery and gender. Most subjects were said to enjoy mental imagery which maybe seen in comic books rather than the usual method of reading. Girls were seento read more than boy. It was shown that boys who did not read had the poorestacademic performance. Also, non-leisure readers whom enjoyed reading receivedbetter academic performance than others. In their study, they came to the plausibleconclusion that students with better reading abilities […]

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As time time passes by, a lot of newinventions are made as well as the improvement of many things. One of thesethings is technology. Technology has evolved as years pass byleading to very high technology inventions. This includes online games that canbe played through either computers, cellphones, laptops, and many other gadgetswith the inclusion of an internet connection. These kinds of games can be playedsolo or with a group of other players that are either one’s friends or otheronline players that one met through the game. The flow towards increased onlinegames and other interactive digital media usage does not appear […]

The Effects of Working Overseas of Filipino Parents on the Academic Performance of Their Children

THE EFFECTS OF WORKING OVERSEAS OF FILIPINO PARENTS ON THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF THEIR CHILDREN by Pascual, Kristelle D. March 21, 2012 Introduction As experienced by many Filipino children like me nowadays, separation from one of our parents results to a very great impact in our lives. Unlike any other children with both parents present at home, raising us up needs more effort and careful attention since that there is only one attending parent. The temporary single parent at home must have the ability to handle things very well—from raising children up to the accomplishing of household chores, and even […]

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