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To support the targets of SustainableDevelopment Goals 4 to ensure inclusive and quality education for all andpromote lifelong learning, as student we can help each other to undertand the materialsso all of the students get the education properly, we can contribute to the countryby become the volunteer to teach the unlucky children to get the quality education,and we can become the delegation of the people to talk to the governments aboutthe education problem, how to solve the problems, and ask the governments to developthe educational tools and facilities.Education is the key to achieve manyother Sustainable Development Goals. When people are […]

Delegation people have the right to become independent

Delegation from                                                                                                                                      Represented by Republic of Turkey                                                        […]

Response to Article

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Response to Article 1. Loewen observes the limitations of American education, especially relating to history. He is concerned that American students do not have accurate information concerning their country’s history. This is because of the inaccuracies present in history textbooks. The textbooks seek to pronounce the strengths of American history by glorifying the country, and presenting its leaders as heroes, instead of including the weaknesses and misjudgments of the leaders. This has in turn changed the perception of students, who, by reading their country’s history, fail to make any connections with the past. “The cover-up denies […]

Response to an article

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Response to an article Question 1 Freire’s central argument suggests that the student-teacher relationship carries no significance, none whatsoever. Freire makes the declaration that the process of edification is afflicted by problems brought by narration (1). Teachers have failed to disseminate the required information to their students for better understanding and utilization of knowledge acquired. He argues that narration causes the students to take up content unconsciously and not have the capability to apply it consciously (p. 4). The students are subjected to discourses that have no impact on how they perceive the world. When a […]

Distance Learning

Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Distance Learning Distance learning constitutes the use of technology or other teaching methods in offering education to people, mostly individuals, who are not physically present in the normal learning environment such as a school or a classroom. Many universities globally have embraced this teaching method due to its advantages that lie both with the institution and with the individual. Similarly, many people globally have greatly made use of this technological advance in the learning system. However, many issues surround this topic, with debates dwelling on whether distance learning jeopardizes the quality of education. Distance learning did […]

Reference Page

Reference Page Name: Course: Institution: Instructor: Date: Reference Page Part One The No Child Left Behind Act was an initiative of President George W. Bush and it was signed into law in 2002. This Act mandates that teachers must be highly qualified and that all students must proficient by the end of 2014. This applies to all states with the aim of improving the quality of education in America. There have been numerous controversies surrounding the NCLB Act in terms of its implementation and its consequences. As much as there re those who feel that this Act has proven effectual, […]

Debate over schooling

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Debate over Schooling Edward Thorndike and John Dewey came up with two different theories on how teaching should be carried out in the schooling system. They forwarded two extremely different theories that they hoped would be adopted by practitioners in charge of the curriculum. Thorndike favored a system of administrative progressiveness while Dewey favored a system of scientific methods that went on to create problem solvers. There have been constant debate over whose ideas, Dewey’s or Thorndike’s, have the most influence on the American education system today. Indeed Thorndike won, and Dewey lost. Thorndike’s scientific method […]

Answering Questions

Answering Questions Name: School: Course/Number: November 4, 2011 Instructor’s name: Answering Questions Question 1) Hikikomori is withdrawal in Japanese terms where a person withdraws from the society to live in extreme isolation in their houses. The word means pulling away or confinement where a person due to problems that are stressing choose not to engage in social interaction. It is characterized by loosing friends, spending the whole day indoors engaging in indoor activities such as playing video games, watching television and other related activities especially for young people. Such people only get out of their houses or confinement when it […]

Alternative Education Accountability

Alternative Education Accountability Name: Institution: Alternative Education Accountability In her article, Separate and Invisible: Alternative Education Programs and Our Educational Rights, Emily Barbour argues that alternative education has led to the violation of the parents and students rights. It has denied the parents the chance to control their children’s education, and it has denied the students the right to have the education that they want. She claims that contrary to previous years when the students volunteered for alternative education programs (AEPs), modern day schools have given the educators the right to send students to AEPs against the students and the […]

Advocacy Letter

Advocacy Letter Name: Course: Date: Advocacy Letter To the Senator, North Carolina The Bill in question is Reducing Barriers to Learning Act of 2009 (H.R.3800) which amends the Department of Education Organization Act to establish an Office of Specialized Instructional Support to advance specialized instructional support services in schools. The Act also seeks to change the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to introduce the Reduced Barriers to Learning program that allows the Education secretary to award grants to more parties. Representative, David Loebsack, is the main sponsor of this motion Reducing Barriers to Learning Act of 2009 was […]

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