Electromagnetics were related to each other. (Wolfson

or electromagnetism is the study involving the interaction of electric
particles such as charges and its electric field with the presence of a magnet
and its magnetic field. In the past, electric and magnetic properties of objects
were believed to be independent of each other; however, upon further studies,
it was found that these two entities were related to each other. (Wolfson & Pasachoff, 1990)

of the most notable works on this topic was conducted by James Maxwell. He
argued that if charges interact with other charges because of their polarity
and the existence of electric field, magnets might also work at the same
principle, for magnets have poles also and exhibits magnetic field. In 1991, Giancolli
expounded Maxwell’s finding that the creation of magnetic field is possible by
having a changing electric field in an empty space. If magnetic field can be
produced in this principle, it must also be possible to create an electric
field by varying the magnetic field.

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(1992) explained that by accelerating electric charges, electromagnetic waves
are produced. The acceleration of the charges radiates an oscillating electric
field and magnetic field as supported by Hertz’s experiment on induction coils
connected to two spherical electrodes in 1887.

Maxwell’s study of the electromagnetism, he formulated the Maxwell’s equation.
Before his studies, electromagnetic wave was only considered as electric in
nature but because of Maxwell’s findings, the understanding of light or the
electromagnetic wave and its application led to the advancement in modern
science and technology.

application of Maxwell’s discovery revolutionized the technology of today. From
communication systems, such as satellites, radio transmission, television, to mobile
devices, computers and to medical equipment such as the magnetic resonance imaging
(MRI) and even in transportation such as the magnetic levitating (maglev) trains,
all of these were the fruits of the better understanding of electromagnetics.

the field of electrical engineering, electromagnetics serves as the backbone behind
the common equipment used in electronic devices and most specially in power
generation and transmission. Electric generators, motors, induction motors,
transformers follow the principles behind electromagnetism.