Emotions play a large role in how we perceivethings.

  The ability to learn new ideasand approaches can be tainted by the emotions that are restricting our abilityto perceive a new way of thinking. Experience with life issues gives adult learners more emotional baggagethan traditional students. I value my level for emotions in my adult learningexperience.  I am founded in my beliefs aboutGod and his path for my life.  I look toGod for answers when I find myself becoming angry, upset, or confused.  I trust that the bible, which is God’s word,will give me an escape route from whatever I am going through.

The major emotional awareness that I have is that I amdetermined.  As a young adult my fathertold me I would never amount to anything.  I struggled with that comment until Irealized, I am who I want to be, and I can do anything if I put God first.  I am the first person from my family to graduatefrom college with an associate degree and I heard my father say how proud hewas of me with tears in his eyes.  This article The Powerof Feelings: Emotion, Imagination, and the Construction of Meaning in Adult Learning(Dirkx, Spring 2001 ) provided me withthree majors take away ideas.

 To realizedthat emotions are connected to images and you must conquer that image in yourmind to change the emotion.  It is okayto have emotions if you direct them in the right direction and realize wherethey are coming from.  My learning wasmotivated by the emotion of determination.

This article (Dirkx, Spring 2001 ) also allowed me tounderstand that my upbringing made me have the emotions I do.  Our belief system is often something we havelearned our whole life and are willing to defend.  When someone questions this belief system weare quick to become emotional and defensive.  There is always a picture associated with theemotion that we are not even aware of being there.

This article was very enlightening.  I have become more aware that my emotions maybe leading to some of my dreams and fantasies. This emotional energy may lead to my daily expression of handlingsituations.  I have been made more awareof this emotional journey and will be more aware of how it affects me and the peoplearound me.



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