eneral power, and their consuming attitudes eventually lead

eneral speaking, High-Technology boosted the development of world
economy into a further level and provided tremendous business opportunities
across the world. It is necessary to analyze the technological Invocation
associated with business operation in the different aspect that cans positives
affect companies’ growth before investing capital in the foreign market.  Obliviously, Technological factors affect the
customer purchasing power, and their consuming attitudes eventually lead the
direction to the future economic growth. 
Therefore, it is wise to determine the all external factor based on a
technological environment that can increase the product sales of foreign
companies in the target country. Especially in China, the advanced network
technique development results in internet connectivity find broad application
in reality.  Apparently, The widespread
use of internet give rise to the golden period of development in E-commerce,
with the evidence support “The statistics speak for themselves; online retail
sales in China reached 5.16 trillion yuan ($752 billion) in 2016, representing
a 26.2% growth from 2015—more than double the growth rate of overall retail
sales according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics. The incredible
e-commerce growth in China is being driven by third and fourth tier cities, and
for the first time, these cities have surpassed first and second-tier cities.
China’s GDP has been increasing by 7% year on the year leading to rising levels
of wealth in smaller third and fourth tier cities. Additionally, these cities
do not have the physical infrastructure for high-street stores so rely more
heavily on e-retail. Alibaba, China’s e-commerce giant, is also to thank with
their investment in delivery infrastructure across the nation facilitating
greater access to rural and smaller urban areas. (Posted by Benji July 13,
2017, E-COMMERCE IN CHINA)”. It seems that online shopping is becoming the new
consumption trends due to the following reasons Combine the lower cost and high
CP value (price-performance ratio), saved time, fuel and energy for a
customer.  To be more precise, E-commerce
contains substantial potential business opportunities in China since the
internet access is vigorously popularized in the domestic area.  The different e-commerce transaction platform
mainly focuses on the different types of goods, whether the commodity,
electronic product or luxury clothing, it provides more options for goods after
customer compared with prices and quality of the product.  Furthermore, Taobao as the most popular
e-commerce trading platform allowed any types of the business organization
selling their products, including the franchise enterprise, private owner, and
flagship store.  Besides, TaoBao is also
encouraging the international operation selling their products to different
place in China accepted the megalopolis. 
The most common payment method in China is using digital payment
associated with a mobile application, computer software, POS machine and
electronic transfer payment. 
Unfortunately, China has the low credit card penetration despite the
fact that some Chinese customer starts to accept the credit card as a way to
pay the bill. As a result, Foreign companies like David’s tea should consider
co-operating with the popular social media application that has tremendous
customer group to promote their product sales. However, it is precise to say
that China is a wise choice to develop new business opportunities for foreign
companies, with the vast market potential and market