Engineering is the art, science, skill, and occupation of obtaining
and applying economic, social and scientific and to design and build structures
and practical knowledge machines, systems, materials, devices, and procedures.
Studying engineering can open doors for me in design, research, management development,
production, sales, marketing etc. The reason that I would like to do
engineering course, is because engineers produce new possessions and recover
old stuffs, so we can live safe and easily. Engineers are continually manufacturing
new things to make our lives easier, as well as developing old stuffs so that
they can adjust to the ever-changing creation. Another reason is that I would
like to manufacture buildings that are environmental friendly. The type of
engineering that I am mostly interested is architecture engineering. Since
childhood I was interested in designing and manufacturing.

Since childhood I have been very interested in science and
maths and how things work. I started to become interested in these two subjects
when I was in high school. I really enjoy solving scientific and mathematical
problems, because of this I have always been interested in science and maths.
In high school I picked product design for one of my options. The reason that I
picked product design, rather than engineering is because, the high school I
went to did not provide the course. However, studying product design improved
my designing skills. It helped me to improve my time management, teamwork
skills and problem solving, as I worked through my project. I achieved a
certificate for product design in high school. Product design gave me an idea
of how engineering course would be like. It also convinced me that engineering
is the career path I want to follow. If given the opportunity, I wish to work
in an engineering company whilst also studying at university.  This would give me the experience of
industrial work and it will also help me financially if possible when I am in

I believe that alongside of science and maths, information
Technology is also essential for working in the engineering industry. Studying
BTEC IT level 3 in college, along with BTEC Science Diploma level 3 in St
David’s catholic college, allowed me to gain an understand some scientific and
technology principles behind production and management techniques. I have
learned how to solve practical and theoretical situations. I am currently
studying graphic design at Cardiff and vale college. Graphic design has allowed
me to gain knowledge of different software and to be able to use different
software that can be used in engineering.

I am very creative and adoring creating a variety of design
ideas.  I am also a responsible person. I
can fulfill my responsibilities to my best ability. My IT skills are very good.
I can work confidently with different software such as Microsoft and adobe. My
drawing skills are also good.  I continue
to produce realistic looking traditional work.  I am a very friendly, approachable person who
works to highest standards always whilst meeting important deadlines.

I would like to thank you for considering my application


I'm Katy!

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