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Introduction toseparate personality and piercing the corporate veil principles             Since the 1897 caseof Salomon v Salomon1, the long standing principle of companies having a separate legal personalityto its members has been well practiced and entrenched into company law in theUnited Kingdom.  Companies having a separatepersonality to its members makes the appeal of becoming a member/investor in acompany far more appealing because it ensures security by making it so thatmembers can only be held liable for the amount of their initial financialcontribution and not for the debts the company has incurred itself. Due to theapparent abuse of the separate personality of […]

“One [2]. Displaying the constitution to be a

 “One must give one power a ballast,so to speak, to put it in a position to resist another.”1 Is the concept ofseparation of powers guiding the British constitutional arrangements? To answerthis question first we must look towards what the aims and functions of theconstitution and weigh it against the achievements of Separation of Powerstowards that objective. Approach taken to the word “guiding” is one creating anassumption that Separation of Powers will guide the constitution to itsobjective. Especially allowing that the British constitution is uncodified itrenders it very diverse, making it less distinct whether Separation of Powersis “the guiding” principle. The […]

“Business is thus the combination of these three

“Businessanalysts like to argue that conglomerates will become less prevalent as marketsdevelop, but conglomerates are also driven by families’ desire to provideopportunities for their offspring. Business analysts point to the logic of themarket to explain mergers and acquisitions, but an equally powerful reason maybe family affinity.”  (The Economist, 2015)  Business groups(BGs) are powerful economic and political actors in many emerging economies.They are becoming increasingly important for the global economy. (TheEconomist, 2011, 2014) Business groups have recently emerged as a distincttheme in the literature. Part of the increased interest in business groupsarises from the internationalization of developing country firms and theirability […]

Movies American movie which is directed by Ryan

Movies are a most prioritized source of inspirational and motivational content provider, and every entrepreneur needs to learn every lesson of life through inspiration from time to time. Here are some top motivational movies for you.The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)Gandhi (1982)October Sky (1999)Forrest Gump (1994)The Aviator (2004)Good Will Hunting (1997)3 Idiots (2009)Cast Away (2000)The Social Network (2010)The Last Samurai (2003)The Shawshank Redemption (1994)Rocky (1976)Invictus (2009)Coach Carter (2005)I Am Kalam (2010)Hayat (2005)Moneyball (2011)Schindler’s List (1993)A Beautiful Mind (2001)Seabiscuit (2003)The Godfather (1972)Wall Street (1987)The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)Jerry McGuire (1996) (2001)Something Ventured (2011)Office Space (1999)Boiler Room (2000)Bonus: Ctrl+Alt+Compete (2011)This is my […]

One superhero (one we can assume is Spiderman)

One modern example of constructive propaganda is a campaign ad created by the Hellenic Association of Blood Donors. This ad shows a superhero (one we can assume is Spiderman) giving/receiving blood. It demonstrates the idea that when giving blood one can in a sense become a superhero. The Hellenic Association of Blood Donors is trying to attract people to donate blood. The ad includes the phrase “You can be someone’s superhero” and a creative display of appealing visuals. The act of donating blood can help save a life. It plays on the idea that superhero’s save lives and connects that […]

Young is put into the new school he

Young Ender (Andrew) Wiggin is taken from earth and put into battle school to train for a third war with an alien race known as the Buggars. As Ender is put into the new school he faces new challenges such as bullies, teachers and the games. Ender struggles to find out who he really is, is he just like his malicious brother peter? Is he as kind hearted his sister valentine? Or is he something completely different?Director Gavin Hood chose to make the movie adaptation of Enders game and completely ruined it for everyone. This may be one of the […]

The Restoration of the Athenian Empire

Our walls are crumbling and our fleet is minute. We here in Athens are unable to collect tribute from other city-states and are often in threat of being attacked. Our fleet is defenseless and weak. The Democratic fraction, propose that we spend our time and hard earned money on the rebuilding of our walls and fleet. That way Athens can dangerously collect tributes from other Greek city-states. The Democrats also would like to commence in hazardous military voyages with our insubstantial navy. Hoping the result brings forth great rewards.However as a Student of Socrates I strappingly disagree with the Democratic […]

Movie Paper Review

Michelle Jones Green block 3 1/28/13 Movie Paper Review: The Boy in Striped Pajamas The Boy in Striped Pajamas is a book that was made into a movie, set during World War Two and more specifically, the Holocaust. The book was written by John Boyne and when made into a movie was directed by Mark Herman and produced by David Heyman. The Boy in Striped Pajamas was made in 2006 and starred Asa Butterfield, Jack Scanlon, and Vera Farmiga. I read the book, The Boy in Striped Pajamas in 8th grade and watched to movie very soon after.The Boy in […]

A Passage to India

E. M. Forster’s novel, A Passage to India, is a look into the lives of both the colonizer and the colonized. While the plight of the colonized is tragic, filled with degrading images of subjugated civilizations and noble people reduced to mere laborers, it is the colonizer, the British of India, and their rapid change from newly arrived colonist to rigid and unforgiving ruler that draws my interest. The characters constantly comment on these changes that occur to the British once they adjust to the imperialist lifestyle.In the second chapter of the novel Hamidullah, a Muslim character, remarks to his […]

Resident Evil Movie Review

Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Resident Evil Movie Review Part 1 Resident evil is a horror movie that was released in 2002. It was written and directed by Paul Anderson, an outstanding director. The movie borrowed its concept from a video game of the same name. The movie was a very commercial box-office success as it grossed over 102 million dollars as compared to the 33 million dollars that were used in its production. Due to the success of this first movie, several more sequels were produced in the years that followed. The movie is a horror movie that is based […]

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