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Each one of us has a different life and a different journey. For some, the journey is easy and for others, very tough. Each one of usencounters some events which can alter the course of our life for better or forworse. These events, even the tough ones, can force one to personally grow andget a new understanding of oneself and others. The first decade of my life was fairly carefree. We were anormal happy family. My younger brother and I lived in Gurgaon with ourparents. Our mother, who was a homemaker, looked after us and pampered us whileour father worked in […]

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ClinicIt was interesting to note that Mayo Clinic has aspecific for its Facebook page which is an extension of the hospital’s missionstatement. The content posted on their Facebook page is based on the missionstatement which talks about putting the patient first and to encourageinteraction, discussion and criticism but urges the users to be relevant andrespectful. The posts uploaded on the page can broadly be divided into threecategories:·       Hospital related posts: Asmentioned earlier, the Facebook page leverages the power of the Mayo Clinicbrand to its maximum potential. These posts are focused on highlighting theachievements of the hospital in terms of breakthrough medical […]

Depression population, college and university students have found

Depression among collegeand university students had become an extremely prevalent and widespreadproblem around the world. When compare to the general population, college anduniversity students have found to experience a higher rate of stress anddepression, and also poorer sleep quality (Postans & Pidgeon, 2016). According to Sarokhani et al. (2013), college and university students are a groupof people that is experiencing a critical transitory period going fromadolescence to adulthood, and that can be one of the most stressful life events.Besides, attending college or university can be considered as a new chapter inlife. It can be challenging for students while they trying […]

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The NaziHolocaust was when a man named Adolf Hitler in 1933 had power over Germany.Hitler took many Jews, put them into work camps, and killed them. Hitler blamedthe Jews for the defeat that happened during WW1 and for all the economicproblems that was happening in Germany. In Rwanda, the same thing happened. Tutsis people were killed by theHutu, using militia, and inhumane killing ways like clubs and machetes.  In the end of both situations no one came outwinning, and it did nothing to help anyone. Many people died for the reason ofother people wanting to be selfish. One important comparison is […]

Rowlandson’s actions and turns to the Bible for

Rowlandson’s account of her captivity is shaped through her Puritan background and perspective. Her knowledge of the Bible, historical references, and current events influences her views on Native Americans. She perceives her experience during captivity as punishment, a trial that she must persevere with faith to both God and the Bible, for her wrongdoings. Rowlandson thought she deserved her unfortunate turn of events, but that by holding on to her Puritan faith during the encounter with her captors she could somehow survive and represent herself as a genuine Christian woman. Only then would she be fit for Puritan society. Rowlandson’s […]

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)  Review of literature:Statin is mostly recommendedin patients with hyperlipidemia but on the other hand it is also utilized inpatient with coronary heart disease. Beyond the cholesterol bringing downimpact, statin has various pleiotropic effects. (Tousoulis D et al.2006).The advantageous effects of statin utilizeare following:·        Statin enhances theendothelial capacity. ·        Statins haveanti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant impacts.·        Statin additionallycontrol the neovascularization and have immunomodulatory activities.·         Statin might be utilized in heart failure asthey depress myocardial hypertrophy, diminish oxidative stress, decreasecardiomyocyte loss by apoptosis (RauchhausM et al. 2000). ·        Statin reestablish thehormonal irregularity.·        Improvement of endothelialNitric oxide synthesis.·        Statins control theregulation of DNA transcription; regulate natural-killer-cell cytotoxicity.·        Statin decrease thedanger of atrial […]

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 Should men and women compete against each other in sports? Men and women compete against one another as equals in various aspects of life. At schools they sit in the same exams. In life, they compete for the same job opportunities. And both men and women take the same driving test. Some may suggest that there is inequality or an inherent bias towards one gender in each of the above, but nevertheless both men and women succeed essentially in such ‘competitions’ on their merits. To an extent men and women do already play alongside and compete against one another in sport. My […]

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Write-Up The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark aTwin is a classic novel about a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River. It is set in the 1840s in the fictional town of St. Petersburg, inspired by Hannibal, Missouri, where Twain lived as a boy. Schoolboy, prankster, lover, con artist, adventurer, and hero are all words used to describe Tom Sawyer. He is the main character of the book and often finds himself in a series of unfortunate events, whether it’s being at the wrong place at the wrong time or saying the wrong […]

Gatsby, attract Nick who seems to be torn

Gatsby, Jordan, Daisy, Nick, which one do we know the most about? Well the obvious answer is Nick due to his role as the narrator and “friend” throughout the book, therefore we are given a special insight to how he thinks versus how he acts and behaves with others. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book, The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway decides to be very passive and let events transpire that didn’t have to occur while lying to himself and others closeby.Nick Carraway can’t completely be classified as an honest person, he constantly says bad things and makes remarks towards people he […]

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This essay focuses on the presidential election and the angle is chosen is social media’s role in it and how it made a big impact on the media event. Social networking will be characterized as any Internet-based assets that give constant correspondence and data sharing among gatherings or people. This paper contends that the privileges of the news media ought not to be constrained in light of the headways in web-based social networking utilized amid the 2008 U.S. general election and how social media changed the face of elections.  Pseudo-events are viewed as “engineered news.” They do not happen immediately, […]

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