Environmental PollutionPollution means contamination of earth’s environment withmaterials that interfere with human health, the quality of life, or naturalfunctioning of ecosystems (living organisms and their natural surroundings).Although some environmental pollution is a result of natural causes such asvolcanic eruptions, yet most is caused by human activities. People areexploiting the nature in many ways and creating pollution everywhere. Mankindtoday appears like a foolish man who is wielding. An axe at the branch of thetree on which he is sitting. Pollution exists in many forms and affects many differentaspects of earth’s environment.

Much Pollution comes from specific, localizedand identifiable sources, such as sewage pipelines 0r industrialsmokestacks. Another kind of pollution comes from dispersed or uncontainedsources, such as contaminated water runoff from urban or automobile emissions.Human contamination of earth’s atmosphere can take many formsand has existed since humans first began use tire for agriculture heating andcooking. It can be seen in the indiscriminate cultivation of land.

Thedestruction of forests and in the annihilation of active species. Man’s voracityhas upset the balance of nature. Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’sneed. But not for every man’s greed”. Urban air pollution is commonlyknown as smog’ (a form of air pollution produced by the photochemical reactionof sunlight with hydrocarbon” and nitrogen oxides that hate been released intothe atmosphere, especially by automotive emissions). Air pollution hasdeveloped into a major health hazard in the modern time.

As pollutant build upin atmosphere and nitrogen oxides are convened into acids that mixed with rain.The acid rain falls in lakes and on forests, where it can lead to death of fishand plants and damage entire ecosystem. Eventually the contaminated lakes andforests may become lifeless. One of the greatest challenges caused by air pollution is GlobalWarming, an increase in earth’s atmosphere due to the buildup of certain gasessuch as carbon dioxide. With the heavy use of the fossil fuels in the modernera, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have risen dramatically.Carbon dioxide and other gases, known as green house gases, reduce the escapeof heat from the planet and block the radiation coming from the sun The”era” global temperatures are expected to rise because of this green houseeffect and it would main the earth warmer change climate patterns, affect cropproduction. Disrupt wildlife distributions and raise the sea level. Sewage industrial wastes and agriculture chemicals such asfertilizers and pesticides are the main causes of water pollution.

Indeveloping nations more than 95 percent of urban sewage is discharged untreatedinto rivers and bays, creating a major health hazard. Water runoff a majorsource of pollution, carries fertilizing chemicals, such as phosphates andnitrates from agricultural fields and yards into lakes, streams and rivers. Thewater body may then become choked with decaying algae.

Which severely depletesthe oxygen supply? It causes the death of fish and other aquatic life.  Unwanted sounds or noise, such as that produced by airplanestraffic or industrial machinery is considered a form of pollution. Noise pollutionis at its worst in dense populated areas. It can cause hearing loss stress highblood pressure sleep loss.

 Noisepollution can be overcome by adding insulation and soul proofing to doors.walls and ceilings and also by using air protection. Particularly, ifindustrial working areas.



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