Ergogenic in the term is “work producing”.

The reason why athletes takes the ergogenic aids is because they fear of losing. This issues is does not surprise at all.This supplement sometimes added to the diet to make up for a additional nutritional however, some athletes consume dietary supplements to improve the health and performance. For your information, athletes that from ancients days want to increase their courage or strength, they eat the heart and liver of an animals such as lion or deer while now day, the athletes uses the ergogenic aid to increases the performance. In order to improve our performance and hasten recovery, athletes and coaches uses various way to improved performance which known as Ergogenic Aids.

Ergogenic Aids may influence the physiological capacity in our body but may also affect our performance. There are few categories of the ergogenic aids that is:2.0 Why the athletes take the ergogenic aids? To enhance their performance during high intensity activity. It gives you mental or physical edge while exercising or competing. And also to improve or maintain their top performance during competition to increase the chance of seizing the victory.  3.0 The substances of ergogenic aids that not been bannedThere are several ergogenic aids that are safe to use included the following:3.

1 Protein PowderThe protein is use to build the muscle or strength you want but if you don’t consume the enough protein, you wont  be able to build the muscle. Although plenty of the expensive brands of protein are available but the plain whey protein is the best than others.3.

2 Fish OilFish oil is not just help the athlete to deal with injuries, swelling and inflammation, it also lubricates your joints so they can get less wear and tear to our muscles. This is because the athlete in the training or in the middle of the season that always get injuries.3.3 Green SupplementsTo the athletes that lack of vegetable and the vitamins and minerals daily they can takes the green supplement to recover their nutrition in their body. It also can short the time to the athlete for recovery their muscles and tissues.

It also can avoid the athlete from injuries such as cramping.3.4 Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)BCAAs is used to boost the immune system. BCAAs can provides energy to do endurance activities because itself accelerate the protein to breakdown into amino acids the body can use.

It has been shown to delayed fatigue as a result. 3.5 Vitamin DVitamin D help the body to absorb the calcium for your bones to be strong. It also help the immune system to works optimally. Vitamin D help you to stay longer when you play outdoor games but if you play indoor games, you should takes the Vitamin D during off-season.3.

6 WaterThe body is made up from the 70 percent water and your muscle is hold most of that. The drinking of the water may be the simplest thing athletes can do to stay healthy and prevent the body from dehydrates.  Example, when the football plays the games, they need water to restored the energy that athletes loses. The water that athletes drink consist the oxygen that will help the athletes to perform better.4.0 Advantages of medication for ergogenic aids4.1 Carbohydrate loadingTo enhance our performance, carbohydrates in liquid or food form normally three days prior to an endurance-type event.

Examples, marathon runners need the glycogen as a source if their energy during the competition and the way to fasten the amount of glycogen in their body by taking the carbohydrate loading. 4.2 Proper nutritionTaking the proper nutrition is selecting the good food and diets will lead to be healthy but while also consider reducing the major risk factor for diseases. The average calorie for women is 1940 while for men is 2550 but its also depend on the level of individual activity. If activity is increase then the intake of the calories may increases too. 4.

3 Electrolyte solutionsOur body need atleast four 8-ounce glasses (one liter or one quart) on the daily basis. Decreasing the 2% of the fluid may impair our performance hence leads to the heat exhaustion when exceed to 5%. Electrolyte solution not only has the fluid only but also contain the salt and minerals that provides to our body when our body lost by sweating. 4.4 Stress managementThe performance will effect in both physical and mental if the athletes in the high stress. Stress also may leads to the excessive tension, increases the heart rates, cold sweats and anxiety when it comes to the competition. The ways to keep your stress in optimum level is recognized ergogenic aids that will help the athletes to confident, maintain concentration and also the commitment.

The importance things is relax in every performance that you did especially for the high performance athletes. In additional, with relaxation, our mind and physical will maintain positive.But, there are some ergogenic aids has been banned by the government because of many issue and health problem may effected the athlete performance in the long term. The question is why some ergogenic aids banned? Based on professional research, some substance is illegal to use is because it may harm to the athlete health and also can disturb athlete performance.5.0 StatisticAn experiment have been carried out by the scientist about an effective supplement that is ergogenic aids. This experiment have been carried out among professional athletes.

This research is using 600 athletes that is 216 women and 384 men that are asked to practise various sports disciplines. The athletes have been divided into two classified that is younger group and older group. The younger group consisted 307 people that is 18 to 23 years old and the rest of it is the older one that is 24 to 35 years old. In this research they using a questionnaire that was used with question concerning the frequency and types of consumed supplements.Then the result have been carried out that nearly half of the athletes that is 48.2% said they are taking supplementation, 36.

7% consumed the supplement occasionally and 11.5% still taking the supplement. The most people in the group that is 75.4% are admitted to take isotonic drinks that were the most commonly chosen nutritional aid enhancing physical performance.

The least are frequently used supplement that was creatine. This research also showed that men is the most are take the ergogenic aids than the women that is men is 50.5% and the women is 44.1% that take the ergogenic aids.So as the conclusion from this experiment, competitors who use supplements over those who choose not to, seems to reflect the continuous lack of the athletes’ sufficient awareness of the effectiveness, safety, and health benefits of dietary supplementation that enhances physical performance.6.

0 Substance that have been bannedNational Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Olympics commission have banned the several substances such as anabolic and other steroids, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), Diuretics, Blood doping, Ephedrine, human growth hormone (HGH) and take away supplement. It is because they didn’t bring a lot of benefit to our body and performance but bring more harmful to an athlete. Many drugs or supplement are brings to the athlete more damage, harmful to the athlete than good benefits.

. For the best performance, it better to training and taking the proper meals and diets than taking the ergogenic aids because it may effect our body.6.1 Anabolic and other steroidsThe effect that athletes gets is usually cannot be seen in short term but in the long term. Also, it also cause to the death if the intake of this steroid is too much.

Illegal according the law and in the sporting events.  The effect to the athletes is numerous and potentially fatal. Examples of the substances is androstenedione, stanozolol, axiron, and fortesta. Most disease come from unwanted andro-genic effect. There are examples of the disease that related to the unwanted andro-genic like shrinking testicles, enlarged prostate gland and lower the sperm level. Some of this effect are potentially serious and include heart, liver and immune system problem.

Personality changes may include aggression, paranoia, mood swings, low sex drive, and depression.There are several ergogenic aids that has been reported for having the harmful effects. The ephedrine class also give additional risk supplements such as androstenedione and other “prohormone” precursors to testosterone, yohimbine, and products that contain kava.

Carbohydrate supplier has been reported as adverse. Increased insulin levels after carbohydrate consumption were shown to significantly decrease blood glucose levels in some athletes, and fructose-containing solutions have been associated with adverse gastrointestinal effects in some studies.6.2 Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)It is the most dangerous and harmful steroids in human by using the synthetic versions that function to increases steroids production. This supplement will physiologic in testosterone synthesis. The testosterone level does not change in man but increases in women.

They would same like cause that get from anabolic steroid.6.3 DiureticsThe medications that make person to urinate more frequently. The function of the substances that is help dilute athletes performance. This also brings a lot of harmful  side effects to our body such as cramping, dizziness, blood pressure drops, and electrolyte imbalances.6.4 Blood doping Blood doping is the process that function to boost red blood cell that help to carry the oxygens to the muscles.

This ways can be done by blood transfusion or by taking the erythropoietin. Blood doping can caused strokes, allergic reactions, and infections.6.5 Erythropoietin  This medication is uses by the athletes to improve their performance by making more red blood cell in their body.. This can increases the ability to use oxygen because these cells can carry the oxygen.

 The medication doctor told the athletes does not has enough red blood cell in their body so  the athlete use this ways to make more red blood cells. This give the opportunity to the athletes perform better because of the oxygens that carried in their new red blood cells. Most of the endurance athletes will taking the erythropoietin because they believe this can make them perform longer than usual because more oxygens is carry in their blood but this will effect the blood clots and death. Blood doping is the process that cost Lance Armstrong his Tour de France titles.6.6 Creatine It will increases our performance. Creatine always be used by the athlete to improve their performance and can increases their high intensity of their training.

Creatine also made our body gain lean muscle mass. It also can increases our strength 5 to 15 percent of body strength but creatine also have the bad effect such as cramping and dehydration. It also completely unknown for  long term effect to our body.6.7 Human growth hormone (HGH)This aids is usually used by the body builder.

Some body builder takes large doses to decrease the fat and increases the muscle mass. Many side effect has been detected by using this doses such as enlarged organs and chronic disease.  Effects include heart and nerve diseases, glucose intolerance, and higher levels of blood fats Other effects also come from the extra HGH levels in the body along with what is already produced by the pituitary glands.6.8 CaffeineThe uses of the caffeine may increases your mental alertness and also lower your fatigue but it also has the effect  such as irritability, restlessness, diarrhea, insomnia, and anxiety if use in the too much. It usually found in the coffee, tea chocolate and soft drinks. The caffeine also causes restlessness an at least 17 deaths have records because of the combination of the  caffeine and ephedrine.6.

9 EphedrineThe reason why the National Football League, the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the International Olympic Committee have all taken steps to keep it off the playing fields  because it has the side effect even ephedrine improve your performance, have more energy and also help them farther and faster. Its also  a central nervous stimulant. Ephedrine can be more dangerous than the adrenaline because it can cause serious cardiovascular effects. Because of that, both athletic organizations and the FDA have banned this substance.

7.0 Chris Froome a cyclist athlete – failed in drug testChris Froome is an international athlete in cyclist that hold four times Tour de France champion are failed a drug test that been doing by World Anti-doping Agencies(WADA). Chris froome has asthma and he recommended to take the  asthma drug for his cure to his disease and take according the volume that allowed. But in this case, Chris Froome are failed in drug test because he was found that he have a double the  allowed level of the legal asthma drug that is Salbutamol in his urine on a test that taken on 7 September 2017 by World Anti-doping Agencies(WADA)  during the vuelta a espana, which the 32 years old went on to win. Salbutamol is a medication that help to open up the medium and large airways in the lungs. It is use to treat the disease like asthma, COPD and others.8.0 ConclusionErgogenic aids are a substance that benefits many athletes.

It can also improve athlete performance. Ergogenic aids can enhance the athlete’s spirit for training because ergogenic aids have a positive effect in the shortest time. This will give the athlete confidence to practice continuously. Ergogenic aids are divided into several parts, including nutrition, physiology, psychology and so on.

Many athletes use ergogenic aids to make recovery because they have used a lot of muscles during training. Ergogenic aids should be taken according to body requirements in order to help improve athlete performance. If taking excessively it can be harmful to the body.

Athletes who take ergogenic aids should seek advice from experts so as not to impair the athlete’s health. If not follow the instructions from the expert it will cause the current performance of the competition to decline. In addition to providing athlete’s goodness to improve performance, ergogenic aids also harm the athlete. Examples of ergogenic aids forbidden to take athlete are anabolic steroids. Ergogenic aids should be taken in a healthy way so that our performance improves and can provide health to the body.


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