“Perseverance is not a long race; its many short races one after another. Perseverance to me means that “never give up”. Everyone in this world once went through terrible times in their lives but they never gave up that’s called perseverance.

I know many people who persevered in their life. If you look at their biography you will see that they were very successful because they never give up. Many people don’t have that much confident in them so they give up so easily.

Well I also persevered in my life. I didn’t give up at that time I wanted to give up but I was brave enough not to give up. our greatest glory is not in never failing but, in raising up every time we fail by Ralph Emerson. “Fall seven times stand up eight” this quote stands for perseverance and as well as for Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Lincoln persevered by “NEVER GIVING UP”.

Mr. Lincoln went through many troubles in his life but he persevered and become the 16th president of the United States of America. Mr. Lincoln’s life went through like this. In 1831 he failed in business but he didn’t give u and tried again bidding for congress in 1843 but unfortunately he lost his bid for congress.In 1855 he tried again for the run of senate but he lost the run.

Still he didn’t give up later in 1856 he got elected for vice president but unluckily he got defeated for Vice President. Well because Mr. Lincoln persevered in his life so in 1860 Mr. Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president of the United States. Mr.

Lincoln was confident enough not to give up because he knew that one day he will success in his life and he did. He was brave and he had “STRONG Belief”. I also persevered in my life. I tried and tried until I reached my goal.

When I came to us the first time I knew enough English to understand the teacher and work well but it was hard for me to adjust in a different in a different lifestyle well somehow I tried but failed. I didn’t felt like trying again but my mom encouraged me to try and try hard until I reach my goal. My mom was my strength. I tried and tried hard to adjust in U.

S and after one year I adjusted and I felt like I’m here since I was born. This showed that “I never gave up” I reached my goal by trying over and over again.Every single person in this world went through many up’s and down’s in their lives but many fought and succeed but many gave up.

“Just because you fail once in life doesn’t mean you will fail every time”. “As long as you persevere and endure, we can get whatever we want”. You should never give up in life like Mr. Abraham Lincoln and I didn’t gave up until we got what we wanted.

So if you persevere in your life you will get it done soon. what I prefer is never give up in life. we all learn from over mistakes, so learn from your mistakes and go on try it again.


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