NORTHERN UNIVERSITY OF MALAYSIA COLLEGE OF LAW, GOVERNMENT AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES SBLE 1043(GROUP D4) TITLE: BACK TO THE DREAMTIME LECTURER: MADAM HAZNUR NADIN BINTI HASSAN PREPARED BY: TEOH BOON KHAI (219673) The two main characters in the novel ‘Back To The Dreamtime’ were Richard and Tom. This novel is talking about how a boy complete the mission that given by his father who had died when he was two years old and how a family maintain their relationship although Richard is adopted by McDonald. Richard Oenpelli McDonald was a smart, rational and filial piety boy.

He has a sibling which is Judy and Tom. His mother named Sonya and his father, Oenpelli, tribal name, was died when he was two years old. He was adopted by the Joe McDonalds. However, his parents had hidden him about his background and heritage. Although Richard was Aborigines, he lived in city since he was a kid. He study in University Of Sydney which is same with his brother, Tom.

Richard was interesting in History and he intention to take this course in the university. Tom is Richard’s brother however Tom is a white man and Richard is Aborigines.Tom study in the same university with Richard which is University Of Sydney.

Tom was older than Richard exactly two month. Tom was interested in photography and he may continue his study in photography. He found it very interesting and it’s not usual nine to five job. The relationship this two main character was good.

They went to school to school together everyday. Besides that, they used to sit and chi-chat beside the railway tracks every morning before going to school. Besides that, Richard, Tom and their sister, Judy were playing cricket in their house backyard.

It was their favourite pastime on the weekend. During the break time in school, they and their friend, Bradley used to left the school grounds secretly to go to their favourite place at cliff. Moreover, Richard and Tom decided joined the year’s senior class camp which location at Alice Springs with a friend who named Bradley. The year’s camp was taking five days in Alice Springs. Tom volunteer himself to go to Alice Springs with Richard. The purpose they went there is to burn the tjuruga in Richard’s father burial ground at Uluru. At the end, they succeeded to find the burial ground and buried the tjurunga.

During the trip, it had drained them physically and emotionally and they experienced it together. They helped each other during the trip. In the conclusion, I feel that the way they maintain their relationship among Richard, Tom and their family is what we have to learn. Although they don’t have any relation in scientific prove, they still very respect and love each other. Nevertheless, they treat their family members very well and take care of each other.

They can stay peaceful among each other. This kind of spirit and moral value is what we have to learn from.


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