Beach Day First, as I approach the beach, I get over worked with the thoughts of finding my favorite spot. Once I am there, I bring with me my red cooler, blanket, chair, umbrella and a CD player.

As I head over to my favorite spot, stepping onto the white sandy beach from a distance, I can glance ahead to see that my regular spot is not taken. It’s such a relief to know that from a distance my spot is there waiting for me, as if it knew, I was coming and I had a private reservation.With relief, I set up the blanket, place the cooler next to the chair, and prepare a hole in the sand to place the umbrella. Second, I’m ready to drink some homemade lemonade, which I made earlier to pleasantly sip at the beach.

I don’t know what effect it has, but it’s very relaxing and soothing to enjoy a cold glass of lemonade. I enjoy every part of this task as a ritual for getting prepared before I can completely relax. Then, I set the CD player on top of the cooler, slip in my favorite CD and start listening to the music.I begin to unwind and enjoy the view of the vast ocean; its immensity, the people around me and the noise of the children playing. At this time; the sun is bright, it feels great to feel the warm breeze. I close my eyes to hear and feel the surroundings.

I inhale the mist of the ocean breeze opening my lungs to cleanse all the hectic and impurities of my daily events. The ocean waves sounds enchanting. Next, as I’m enjoying my day, a guy hits a beach ball and the ball knocks my radio down, lemonade spills and the CD breaks. I was stunned by the event.The guy came over, helped me pick up my items and offered to buy me a drink. He apologized for the incident and picked another spot to play. I have never experienced something like this before, but I am glad that this guy was nice enough to handle the incident appropriately.

And finally, I feel so blessed and I give thanks to the creator for all the wonders of life, the beach and the opportunity for a magnificent day that has been provided for me to enjoy. These are the small things that make the beach and my favorite spot so heavenly.


I'm Katy!

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