13 Journal Describe an event that has changed your life? Describe an event that has changed your life? It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean. ” So almost all of our life’s events mean, no matter whether they good or bed, their significance is unique for us. As all people in the world I have had a variety of events in my life, even though not all of them were positive. Nonetheless, an event that has changed my life is coming to study in Greece and undoubtedly I categorize this, as a great event.

In addition studying in Greece made me much more independent, socialized and most important it is fulfilling my academic career. Coming to study in Greece developed further my personal independence from my family. The distance from my country and Greece obligate me to live here; therefore, I have to take care of all things which have to do with a life, besides lessons. Moreover, I am much more independent due to the fact that I organize totally my life the way I know; nevertheless, I follow the steps that my family taught me.

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For instance, I start a random day at 11 am and I am done at 6:30 pm, during this time I stay at ACT campus; afterward, I use some time to explore Thessaloniki city. Furthermore, according to this example of independence my manageable skills are shown as well. Although I always have been friendly, now this concept has much more wider dimensions. Socialization, a great part of human being, is another reason for fulfilling and changing my life while I am in Greece. Here, I know numerous people from different cultures, various backgrounds and friends from countries all over the world.

Besides, socialization at American College of Thessaloniki functions very well, ideas, thoughts as well as actions make a perfect social group for me. In addition to personal independence and socialization, another reason for considering studying in Greece as a great event is because studying there is fulfilling my academic career through quality of education. First of all, I am getting education from professors who have experience and teach us the most essential things. Moreover, they develop our critical thinking, as a way to understand the life better and ercept the world in different view. Second, studying all in English language with an American system make as easier involve in an international job. For example, knowing English helps us be ready in whatever kind of environment in the world. To summarize, this event clearly is very meaningful because my independence is further developed, together with socialization as well as academic career. So, obviously there are three important reasons for considering studying in Greece as an event which has changed my life.


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