ive, rich people use the poor as commodities.

He also explained that the profit that owners earn is not justly distributed to the nation as a whole. Marx’s Estranged Labor and Private Property and Communism explain the alienation of the laborer caused by private property and how it will bring the downfall of capitalism. Marx believed in communism which is a perfect life for all the individuals.In ancient times, people would live in caves and depended on nature to survive and fulfill their everyday needs. However, with time world modernized, people moved on and money became the main aspect of everyone’s life. In order to stay in power, money is very important. People give more value to money than themselves because money is what makes a person’s value. Money can buy happiness even though people spend most of their lives working for others.

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People’s need changed overtime, they found happiness in new things as the world modernized, unlike before their needs were satisfied by nature. In Marx’s work he briefly pointed out what a man should really be by differentiating between animals and human beings. What makes human beings different from animals is that animals can’t think like humans as Marx said, for it “produces only what it immediately needs for itself and its young” (Estranged Labor, pg.

275).Unlike animals, humans have conscious and ability to produce many things by themselves as Marx explained, “he makes his life activity itself the object of his will and of his consciousness” (Estranged Labor, pg. 276).

Humans are creative. Therefore, human life has a purpose for man and in this intellect he is free and universal. Marx argued that human nature is nor good nor evil but dialectical because humans external objects which were plant, animal and air became into food, clothes and heating.Marx illustrated that alienated man is the opposite of the productive man because a man’s soul is to produce and create.

Therefore, an alienated man is the man whose soul and existence are split, which describes that he works not for producing but for money and others. Money is a very important aspect in both the worker and the capitalist’s life. According to Marx, the real foundation of alienation is private property. The affiliation between the worker and the capitalist is defined in the capitalist society.

A worker has not


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