Essay person used a white bathroom, white people

Essay #21960s Jackson, Mississippi was a place that racist was serious problem, colored people were separated in many ways. White and colored people had separated bathrooms, school and even medical care. There were different set of law for colored people then white people. In the early sixties, if a colored person used a white bathroom, white people were allowed legally to burn down their house, and beat that colored person. In the beginning of the movie, Sheeker came back from college with a dream to become a writer. At first she write things that aren’t important, but then she want write something meaningful to herself like the discrimination toward black mate. She decide to turn to Aibileen, a black maid who is her best friend and has been serving white family for a long time. At first Aibileen refuse to help Sheeker because she is worry that this might get her in trouble but then she decided to do it and make her son proud. The Help have suggested the concept of Freedom, the lack of freedom is not only toward a colored people, it also affected some white people who were not able to speak their mind or be how they are without being discriminated.Between Skeeter and Hilly and other white woman, Skeeter can’t stand the way her friends treat their colored maids which is one of the reason that she wrote a book about it. In the 1960s Jackson , Mississippi forbidden colored people to publish anything that suggest freedom or civil rights, even white people were banned to support this idea. But Skeeter were willing to risk breaking the law just to helping the maids publish what is it like to work for white families. Skeeter want to show the white people what is it like to be a colored person, and hopefully it will help white understand that colored people are capable to have the same emotion and intelligence as white people, as a result they should have the same human right and freedom as well. During the period of writing this book, Skeeter found out that the law allow white privilege separate people based on race are unethical. As a result, she decided to leaves her friends and family in Jackson and for a better job and freedom in New York.All the white people in the movie except Skeeter are racists, they mentally and physically abusing their maids by believing that black people are lesser human compared to white people themselves. They treat the black maids badly because they believe that they are unclean and uneducated. For example that Miss Hilly has openly talk about colored people are figuratively and literally dirty, which is why they can’t use the same toilet. In the movie, white women don’t let their maids be in contact with them, have meals at the same table, or eat the same food. The whites in the movie build a class system between themselves and colored people mainly based upon colored people fears. By dehumanizing black maids, they were able to make them hopeless and no intention to flight for their own freedom.The freedom problem doesn’t head towards the colored people these people also happen towards people with new consciousness or people that simply don’t care, such as Skeeter and Celia. Since Celia came from a very different family and social status, she doesn’t really care about white privilege. She would sit down and had lunch with Minny at the same table every single day since Minny started working here. At first Minny can’t get used to it because Minny is so used to Hilly treating her badly with no dignity. At the moment every white woman would eat in the dining room as far away from the colored people as they could, because of that Celia has been declined to join the white woman community. For Skeeter, although she was able to join the white woman community, she was not able to speak her mind. She has to be careful everytime she wants to do a talk or interview maids. In order to do what she believes in, Skeeter has to give up her friendship with Hilly and Elizabeth Leefolt, this lifelong friendship has gone forever. Despite that Skeeter continues working towards racial justice. On the upside we also see how new friendships form of the old ones, such as Aibileen and Minny who Skeeter interviewed and later become the main character of the books. The Letter from a Birmingham Jail by Dr. Martin Luther King takes place in the similar period of time as the help was written, which is also one of the factors that inspires Skeeter to write this book. The similarity is the movie and Dr. King’s writing. Dr. King mention in the Letter from a Birmingham Jail “Who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.” Just like The help Skeeter were not allow to share her new conscience which colored people and white people should be equal. Celia were discriminated because she doesn’t know how a white woman should treat colored people as “slave”. As a result, she sees Minny as friend and respect Minny as well. In conclusion, The Help is a miniature version of the ways how racism has been in every aspect of social life in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi as well as in Birmingham, Alabama the Jim Crow laws that allow racist and segregation in our everyday social life. We as humans always came up with all kinds of reason to put ourselves over other people. Over time it manifests itself in a very concrete way it become a social reality and it ends up having very real impacts on Colored people. The reason that Miss Hilly, clergyman and others thinks that colored people are poor and less educated is not because of race, it’s because of the social constructs. Colored people have less freedom or opportunity is because the white people in the movie or the the clergyman take it away from them. Denied their ability find their full potential and denied their wish to have basic human right. For people like Skeeter, she was not allow to discuss or debate why white should treat colored people the same way as they do to themselves. The people back then and the people from now have the same issues, we all stay in our comfort zone refuels to sit down and listen they otherside of the story. Miss Hilly don’t care about the hardship black maids have to face everyday, clergyman refuels to give the freedom that the black people deserve. Skeeter see the cruelty, inequalities, and injustice, so she decide to do something about it and help the colored people by writing a book.